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Sales Call Audit Series – Floor Coating Marketers – Episode 4


Sales Call Audit Series – Floor Coating Marketers – Episode 4

In this video: Concrete Coating Sales Call Audit Series – Episode #4, you’re going to watch me go through one of the close-to-perfection sales calls by one of my clients. It can be tough to know how to start a sales call. You want to engage the lead and get them excited about what you have to offer, but you don’t want to come across as pushy or sales-y. Most of the time, leads are approached in one of two ways: by being sold to or by being asked for their contact information so that someone can follow up with them later. Neither of these methods results in a sale. Watch this video to find out how you can convert a lead into a client by asking them questions, answering their answers THE RIGHT WAY, and motivating them to come to the point of booking an appointment with you, on the first call. For more updates on concrete coating sales call audit videos, subscribe to our channel.

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Audio Transcript


If you aren’t a concrete coating business, and you’re struggling to close more jobs, then I invite you to watch this video.



Okay, so before we get into this video, I want to explain what it’s about, what we actually do is listen to some of our clients calls to make sure that the calls are going smoothly leaving if the if the leads are going well, and if the good quality leads. And during that process, I realized that there’s been some struggles on the phone trying to deal with people and understand what it is that they’re trying to tell us when they’re talking to you on the phone. Much like a relationship building, you know, situation, whether you’re at a coffee shop, or a bar, or whatever it is trying to get a relationship started, if you start talking about yourself, the game’s over. So what I decided to do was create some videos. And this is going to be all part of a series, create some videos where I can provide some tips and tricks on how to overcome some of these things on the first initial call. Obviously, I can’t necessarily help you with the onsite estimation type situations, although there are some strategies for that too. But this will be a game changer for you only because that’s the very first time that they ever get to talk to you. So this first initial call and conversation is the one that matters the most, and will be the deciding factor on whether or not this company is going to or this person sorry, is going to buy from you. So enjoy watching the video. And let me know what you think. Talk to you soon.



This one’s probably so far one of the most favorite calls that I have listened to. What I like about it is it’s very natural. There isn’t a lot of like sales pitchy stuff in it. But at the same time, there was the right kinds of questions were asked. And the delivery of how you sell yourself and sell your services was quite good. I really like it because there was just a human element to it. I think in the beginning of the call, it was a bit slow trying to pick up things get the computer loaded, and, you know, loaded up stuff like that, I think is caught off track. But aside from that, this is the kind of call that needs to happen. And of course, not all these calls are going to be the same, there’s going to be some difficult conversations, right. But this kind of gives everything explains the process explains why they are different. And he had to overcome a little bit of the price part of it as well. So I really want to share this one because I think this is a good way. A good example of what to do when you’re dealing with these calls. Right? So let’s take a listen to this and go from there.



Inquiring for an estimate on epoxy and the garage,  two car garage.



Oh, yeah. Good. Yeah. Getting done. You think this is for garage floor?



Yeah. What’s a normal garage, was it 475? Was the standard size of the garage.



And just a one car garage or two car garage? Its a 2 car garage. Yeah, it’s probably about 400 square feet, I think. Okay. Yeah, I could definitely help you out with that. Let me just fill up the computer here for ya.



This is the part right here was a little, little weird.



Sorry, let me sign in.



So I’m gonna pause on that just one thing I would recommend, and I know, it’s always tough in the beginning, but you know, you want to make this as professional as you possibly can. So this is the only thing I’d probably recommend on a call like this. Is this kind of like that waiting period for somebody who’s called in like they their time is valuable, too, right?



So there’s no reason why you can’t create a list of things like a script, like when they asked this or they say this, you can say this, even if you’re the owner, because over time what’s going to happen is it’s going to just be easy, right? You’re just be able to respond, respond back with the right answer with the right statement, whatever it might be, and then the flow happens a lot better and then You’re asking the right questions. So then you can start asking the open ended questions and really start getting the information you need, as opposed to just immediately starting off and like bragging about your business. Right, which is something that he does not do here. And we’re going to listen to that next.



So I think anybody who is assigned to answer these phone calls, you need to be ready, you just need to be available, need to have your computer open need to be like you got all the details you need. I also recommend a scrip  t, put a script there so that you’re answering the right questions, because as you already know, most of the things that they’re going to say is the same almost over and over and over again.



And it’s very currently anything on the garage?



What do you mean? Like?



Yeah. Currently any, like coating on the on the garage? Or concrete? Nothing. Ok just concrete.



I mean, whatever it is from the because the, you know, when the drywall they have the, what is it that the mud that fell on the ground was about it? And it’s nothing major. Okay. Yeah, absolutely. So, yeah, this is where we specialize in. So primarily, we do residential garage floors.



I’m off on Mondays, and I can be there – I work Tuesday through Saturday, and I can only be at the residence between 12:15 and 12:45 by shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes free.



So we can definitely take care of this for you. typically how we like to operate, because it says kind of a, it’s an investment. So we’d like to come out and give you a quote in person. I can bring a sample. And so you can choose and get a feel for what the material is. So if we can plan a time, I’m happy to come out and give you a quote, do you have a time that works best for you?



Yeah, super quick. Like I said, I’ll just I’ll take some pictures, take some measurements. And I’ll bring you some samples. So you can see you can see into the color. So let me look at my calendar here I can do it, I could definitely do it next – one day. Sorry, the call to voicemail. You want to say 12:15 or 12:20. Yeah 12:20.



So clearly, the customer is already in a higher buying mode. But hey, this is an example of what you can get from like Facebook leads, right? If it’s done, right, you’re going to be able to get these kinds of leads. And this is one of the major conversations that we have. When we actually when I have my discovery calls with with prospects as well, when I want to bring on new clients. We talk about that stuff, because a lot of times people think that these these leads are, are, you know, not very good.



They’re weak leads. They’re not. But really, at the end of the day, it’s a matter of how you handle these calls and how you handle the prospect that matters. He went right into, yeah, we could totally help you out, we’re going to be able to do that for you. You know, this is what we specialize in. So you know, we’re going to be able to solve this problem for you. What day is good for you? Monday, Wednesday? Morning, afternoon? Get right to the point get out at like, don’t don’t trail off into these different tangents. Let’s just get to this. Let’s just get the estimate appointment booked. And that’s the point of these calls. Right? When this year the very first call with a prospect, whether it’s you calling them or them calling you the very first call, needs to be focused on selling the appointment. Not the job, the appointment. Right, that is critical.



What’s your name again? Perfect. And what is the address of the property on this one? Monday, I 12:20. And I’ll be able to give you the estimate right there. And then I will send you just a confirmation email just so you know, you’re on the schedule. Confirmation email, confirming the day. You can use the number to text  or give me a call. Yeah.



Right when he thought it was good to go, what happens? What’s gonna happen? It happens probably almost every time.



What I mean, what’s a rough estimate, like on price side?



Yeah, I would say, for our process, I’m not sure what the other companies are doing. But I would say you’re probably looking at at least 2000 for everything which you will get from other people.



Okay, listen to this part. Okay, this is really critical. Okay. I’m not a big fan, as some of you might know, already of quoting prices on the phone, because a lot of times in 90% of the occasions, you’re going to turn them off before it’s too early. It’s like you meet somebody at the restaurant or a bar, you say, Hey, my name is Rudy. You want to get married? It’s not going to happen. Right? So sometimes it’s too too early to discuss price, right?



But in this case, he was able to transition in a way that made it make sense, right? So we didn’t give a range. You can say well can be anywhere from $2000 to $10,000. We’re not going to know how we get out there. Right? Really at the end of the day. He said, You know, it starts at 2000, which add 400 square foot to her garage is only $5 a square foot. Personally, I know especially it’s probably as far as like, I don’t think that’s very much money, but it’s okay to use that as a starting point, provided you can segue into the reasons why you start at that price point. And you can hear what he says here and I really liked this part. And so I wanted to actually share this call with you guys



On a polyaspartic floor as opposed to epoxy. So polyaspartic won’t yellow or chip. We have a lifetime warranty. And so the only thing I’m gonna be super conscious of is with any company that you ask them how they dress their floors, if any of them tell you they acid wash it, I would run the other direction. All these floor in order for them to last need to be diamond grinded. So that’s included on any minor repairs for cracks or holes or whatever is also included. Okay, so yeah, all right. Okay,



W e can’t assume. And it is not implied that those little details are they would already know this. So he’s putting it all out there. He’s just saying like, listen, all these like the minor cracks in the call the you know, the divots, and whatever. It’s gonna be on the concrete, all the holes, this can be covered. Right. The minor stuff is included in our process, which I really liked how he brought that through. So the guys that “yeah, sounds like this guy knows what he’s talking about”. Right? So I can already hear him nodding on the other end on the phone like yeah, I this is awesome.



I’m gonna look for a black with like the with



OK, now he’s asking for color. That’s a buying signal. Okay, you still don’t want to rush this. You want to help them through this journey?



Little whatever the is black  with little flakes in it.



Okay, yeah, we can actually do that. I’ll bring you a block of like the most common ones. And then we can also custom order any color that you want.



Yeah. Some of the other people are called they do the epoxy like about what it’s like five inches from the baseboard up or kind of like the stemwall. We offer stemwall.



And then what kind of what’s unique about our service and a lot of companies deal with is that it isn’t like a caught in between your stemwall and the slab. And we’ll round it out. So like it’s kind of one continuous piece. So whoever should want to, like wash your garage up or down or clean if they’ve closed like all down into their cars, no cracks or like water or anything because I’m there. So it’s like really smooth. You know, transition from the floor. Okay. All right. Yeah.



Come out sooner than that. Oh, Monday.



Yeah. Buying sign!



Depends on your schedule. I’m pretty flexible. So whatever, whatever you think would work. Yeah, I’m free.



Like I hate Mondays. My day was just good. Am I doing too much.



So I don’t know if you guys have figured this out already. But he’s making it so easy for them to buy from him. Right. So you know, we have all these great things that make us unique, but at the same time, it benefits the customer because he like turns it in. And when they wash the floor, like it all drains down nice and it doesn’t get stuck underneath and ruin it. Right?



Other things like, yeah, we have these cards with these colors, we’ll bring you our normal ones. Right? Obviously, that would be the ideal way to sell it. Because obviously you guys should be stocking up on that right? Basic, but we can custom order whatever you want. That’s huge. Right? Things like that. And then the schedule changed. And instead of like, oh, well actually, we’re not available until next Thursday. He’s like yeah, well like you know, my schedule is open even if it isn’t, my schedule is open, you know, we’ll book you whatever you want but based on your schedule, right? Love that.



Like I said I couldn’t be tomorrow 12:15 Wednesday, because I got a new record coming in. I wanted everything to be set by the time I come in, (inaudible)



What’s the turnaround time on that do you think?



I have some, like some appliances and stuff and they’re just locked it up for them. And I’m doing some interior work. Oh yeah. Because I kept inside the house until the garage. And the garage it’s gonna be here Thursday or Friday and it’s a one day.



Okay, great. So, let me just pull up my schedule here. Do you want to view Wednesday?



So they got it all figured out. Right? So that is so like, it’s like the best call that you can have, right? You just got to sell the appointment, answer the questions and try to get them to speak more about what it is that they want to do. And you’re just like, yeah, for sure, we can totally help you no problem like, they feel like “Ah, finally a company that I can deal with without any friction,” right? It’s so critical.



So, sell the appointment, not the job itself. Don’t go too far into the weeds on all of your how amazing you are. Right, but just really just kind of like hold their hand and guide them right, so that they can be the hero in their story. Thanks for watching this video guys.



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Topic Discussed

  • What exactly you should be doing on a sales call
  • The perfect example of a converting sales call
  • What are the elements of a perfect sales call
  • What kind of sales strategy works best for concrete coating businesses
  • How to handle sales objections

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