Floor coating contractors are extremely hard-working and talented.  Unfortunately many can’t seem to crack the code on getting customers consistently every. single. month.

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Sales Call Audit Series – Floor Coating Marketers – Episode 1


Sales Call Audit Series – Floor Coating Marketers – Episode 1

Sales Call Audit Series Episode 1 talks directly to concrete coating businesses about how to handle sales objections. I listen to my clients’ sales calls to ensure they’re running smoothly and that my clients understand WHAT their leads are trying to tell them. In this first episode, I have targeted how you can turn those sales objections into closed deals – so you can finally start making the money you deserve.

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Audio Transcript


If you aren’t a concrete coating business, and you’re struggling to close more jobs, then I invite you to watch this video.



Okay, so before we get into this video, I want to explain what it’s about, what we actually do is listen to some of our clients’ calls to make sure that the calls are going smoothly leaving that if the leads are going well, and if the good quality leads. And during that process, I realized that there have been some struggles on the phone trying to deal with people and understand what it is that they’re trying to tell us when they’re talking to you on the phone. Much like a relationship building, situation; whether you’re at a coffee shop, or a bar, or whatever it is. Trying to get a relationship started, if you start talking about yourself, the game’s over. So what I decided to do was create some videos. And this is gonna be all part of a series, create some videos where I can provide some tips and tricks on how to overcome some of these things on the first initial call, obviously, I can’t necessarily help you with the onsite estimation type situations, although there are some strategies for that too. But this will be a game-changer for you only because that’s the very first time that they ever get to talk to you. So this first initial call and conversation is the one that matters the most, and will be the deciding factor on whether or not this company is going to or this person sorry, is going to buy from you. So enjoy watching the video. And let me know what you think. Talk to you soon.



So I just want to listen to this way and kind of give you some tips on what I’m thinking about here. This was a very uncomfortable call for me.



But I think he did okay, sort of. But I just want to give you some tips on this. Okay. So there was some awkward thing happening at the beginning there.



Hi, hello. Can you hear me?



Yeah, I can hear you know how much approximately, it costs to get the epoxy coating on a garage floor from a setup costs for a double-sided, double garage? Yeah, so a double garage, depending on the size and the current situation of the concrete, is usually between $2,400 and about $3,300.



Okay, so she started with the price. So she’s very cold, right? She’s more not necessarily buying intent, but she’s still



She’s low. Or they would say top of the funnel. Right. So,



you know, she’s right at the top. So there’s still a qualified lead. Because she’s asking a lot of questions.



Right? How long does that take? For it to dry?



Seventy-two hours until it’s fully cured? Sure, wow.



What does that mean? Okay. What does that mean? Wow. Okay, what is she thinking? That’s what we have to find out. And so I think at that point, that would have been good to find out. Right. So simply,


you know, it could be something along the lines of okay, well, I know it seems like a long time. But we want to make sure that your product is fully cured so that it doesn’t get ruined before you walk on. But what are the concerns that you have about that timeline? Then she’s going to tell you,


right, she’s going to tell you what’s going on. It couldn’t be very much. And I can guarantee you this is probably the situation she might live in a sketchy area where she has a bunch of stuff in there that she doesn’t want to get stolen and needs, someone needs to be handling that storage problem. That’s going to be a big problem. And they’ll never tell you unless you ask. They’ll only just think about the price. Because when they do that they’re not thinking about how cheap it is. They’re just trying to decide whether or not the effort involved with this entire project is worth the money that they have to put out. So now they had to put out effort and money. It’s not going to happen. They’re not going to buy that right. We have to make it easy. The buying decision has to be easy, right?



You can walk on it the next day, but you’re just going to wouldn’t want to put anything heavy back on it for about 72 hours. Oh, no parking your car? Yeah, right. Okay. Okay. All right. Thank you so much.



See, that was there was the stall and there was like, Okay, thank you so much. It could have been a lot of questions that could have been asked at that stage to be able to qualify them better. 



Sure, they’re still at the top of the funnel. But this could have been nurtured to the point where maybe you could even try to figure out, do you want to, they didn’t even ask if you wanted if, you know, an appointment was was necessary, right? But it would be good to sell the appointment at this stage. 



So don’t sell the job, sell the appointment and just say, Okay, so now you got to back up and be like, Okay, so before we go, I do have some questions. I mean, while you call me so might as well just figure this out. Right? So what’s going on with concrete? Right, tell me a little bit more about, you know, what you’re thinking about in terms of this, this project? They’ll appreciate that you’re not interrupting their life, they called you, right? And it will throw them off too if you’re actually asking the questions because they’re used to this kind of call. 



They’re used to like, I just have a question. Okay, thanks. Bye. Right, I have everything you need. But if you actually start asking them, qualifying them, and hey, maybe you’re gonna get times where they’re gonna be like, no, no, I just wanted to find out. Okay, that’s fine. You know, you have her number. 



But I think at this stage, you know, there was a problem she was trying to solve and never got the solution. I think that that’s the ultimate point here is, that was an opportunity, not a waste of time. I hope that helps. So these videos are going to be part of a series of videos that we’re going to be creating, for everyone that does concrete coding, just to try to see if we can help get over this struggle of sales, right? 



It’s one of the hardest things to get over. It’s not for everyone, it’s you know, maybe you’re at the level of your business where you don’t need to do it yourself, you can hire a salesperson for it. Obviously, that’s ideal, but that’s not everyone, right. 



And so overcoming some of these objections is really critical in the growth of your business. If you can handle if you can nail that part of your business, you’re gonna crush it, you’re just going to crush it in your market, no one will be able to compete with you if you know how to listen and talk to your prospects. 



So that’s the point of this series is to kind of help you guys through that stuff. Please feel free to you know, follow us on Instagram, and Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. These videos are all going to be laid out on the YouTube channel as well as the website. So you can go to Let me say that one more time, And you’ll be able to, you know, go to the menu, choose sales learning, I think is what we’re going to call it. And basically, that’s where all the videos are going to be. So thanks for watching the video. And we’ll see you on the next one. And we’ll talk to you soon. Thank you. 



Trying to figure out how digital marketing works is like trying to figure out a new language backward. How do you build a website properly? How do you rank that website on Google? How does Instagram work? How does Facebook work? Should I use Facebook ads or Google ads? All of these things can be extremely daunting for a concrete coding business owner, especially if you’re just trying to grow your business. 



Your job and your responsibility as a CEO of your company are to automate and delegate. Your job is to make sure that everyone in your company is in the right seats, trying to figure out how digital marketing works, its strategies, and its tactics. Honestly, it’s a complete waste of your time, resources, and money. You need to hire a company that’s dedicated to you and to the industry. Like for coding marketers. Stop trying to weigh your options just hire coding marketers for your concrete coating business. If you own a concrete coating business, this is the best shot at your success. If you want to three times or even 10 times your revenue, this is the best way to do it.


Topic Discussed

  • How to handle sales objections
  • What to do if the lead keeps talking about price
  • How active listening can help you overcome sales objectives
  • How to take prospects from taking about price to booking an appointment

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