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Let’s Talk About Fitness


Podcast Episode 7: Let’s Talk About Fitness

In this episode of Real Concrete Talk Pod, Prince Turner talks about the benefits of fitness for a healthy mind and healthy body and how this can help you stay focused on your goals.

Prince Turner is a professional fitness trainer on the Kickoff app. He helps people be the best version of themselves by constantly guiding them, checking up on them, holding people accountable, and helping you follow the diet that keeps your body and mind healthy.

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Audio Transcript


This is the Real Concrete Coating Talk Pod, a podcast created exclusively for concrete coating contractors, where we have real talks with industry pros about business fails, wins, and all that BS that everyone else don’t care about. all in an effort to inspire you, the entrepreneur, to keep moving the needle forward to success so that you can live out the dreams you intended to create for your life. I’m your host, Rudy Hettrick, the founder of Floor Coating Marketers, the one and only digital agency that specializes exclusively in growing concrete businesses online. So stick around for this episode. It’s not one you wanna miss.


Hey, thank you, everyone, for joining the real concrete coating talk pod. Super excited to have this guest aboard. My name is Rudy Hettrick. I’m your host. And I’m really want to talk a lot about this topic. That’s I think, really, really important. I never took it as seriously as I should have. I know in my 40s. And, you know, my dad actually passed away at 66 suddenly due to a stroke, because, you know, he wasn’t looking after himself in terms of health and everything else. And I think that was probably the trigger for me. You know, I was in party mode all the time. I was the kind of person that was let’s get busy on Thursday, and then I’m drinking during the day on Sunday, right? And then Monday, not Tuesday, not feeling so high, not eating very well, all these different things. But before we get into the weeds on that, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself.



How are you doing guys? My name is Prince Turner, as Rudy was alluding to, I’m actually a personal trainer out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, been in and out of fitness for the past 10 years now professionally, coming up on three years now. I’ve gotten to fitness for several reasons.


 The number one reason as a teenager, let me back it up a little bit more. As a child, I was always fascinated by all of the physiques all the specimens that I saw on professional wrestling, I mean, I was a big Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior. All those big muscular guys back in the day, so you know, I would always try to emulate that and say, that’s how I want it to look,


I’m on the unfortunate side, as a child, I was a little bit more chunky, heavier. And around that time, I’d say 12, or 13 years old, I really started getting into fitness, really started paying a little bit more attention to what I eat. Still a little bit more rebellious, as a preteen going into those teenage years. But I’d say about 17 18 when I started, you know, getting ready for college. And finally heading off to college, I really got into the scientific aspect of fitness and nutrition. And I’m, you know, getting into a sustainable type of lifestyle, as far as fitness is concerned. 


So to make a long story short, that is my story of getting into fitness, people teasing me calling me fat. I like to have professional wrestlers. And finally, I wanted to dig a little bit more deeper into the scientific side of it. So here I am.



Well, and let’s face it, there’s a lot of judgment out there as much as we hate to. You know, a lot of times we like to shut that out of our lives. But you know, it’s all over television. And you know, people are getting Botox, it’s like that industry is like tripled in size over the last 10 years. 


And because everyone wants to look good, but they don’t want to do the work. I mean, there’s there are some that actually need the help, obviously, you know, they get into a car accident or something happens to their face or body or whatever it might be, but there’s this huge problem, I think, right? You know, everyone’s getting fatter. 


And the biggest problem I feel is it’s obviously a fine line. Personally, I think it’s a fine line, because obviously you don’t want to judge people for their weight, and you don’t want to judge people for their size. But there is a psychological aspect of it, in my opinion, where if you are feeling good about yourself, it’s probably due to the fact that you’re exercising on a regular basis. 


You’re just feeling good inside, you eat well, you can handle stress, you’re not depressed, right? People don’t look at you in different ways. And that’s just the reality of it. We’re humans, right? We’re horrible. Absolutely. And so, you know, that’s, so tell me a little bit more like why did you get into professional, like training like, I mean, I found you on that kick, start the app. 


It’s been a blessing. I’m not even gonna lie. It’s been a game-changer for me because I can’t hold myself accountable for five minutes on that right if I can find an easier thing to do that day it’s definitely not going to be working out right at least when I started I’m going to go back to work and click away on my keyboard because it you know, it doesn’t affect it only affects my brain right? But the physical side of it, it was difficult for me and I knew I needed help So tell me a little bit more about why you got into that.



So before I completed my college degree in exercise science I was you know, I was going to the gym regularly I say maybe four or five times a week, I don’t know an hour and a half almost two hours at a time which probably wasn’t a good idea and I kind of had to tone it down just to you know, rest and recovery and you know a little bit of mental recovery too 


but there were a lot of people that will come up to me to the gym and just like hey man you know you take care of yourself you’re always in good shape you know, can you help me and I finally like a light bulb just went off like Hmm Maybe I should go to school and like you know really learn and understand what fitness truly is you know, it’s more than just throwing up a bunch of weight on a benchpress or hopping on a treadmill and going as long as you can or whatever the case may be whatever your niche is, and fitness whatever you like to do at the gym. So I wanted to get a better understanding of that and obviously using that information where I can apply that to help people like yourself and others so that’s



really when you when we first started together is I told you straight up I’m like I haven’t worked out and I’m you know like I can’t I shouldn’t say that backup I was getting I got into kickboxing and I started really like mad it was more of a hit type kickboxing. 


But then COVID hit really bad over here they shut all that down. And then they had to they were offering some other weird kind of exercise thing and I was like now I’ve just not it’s not doing it for me right I just like so I dropped out of that really didn’t have a choice. And I was really kind of discouraged with that because I was having a really good time and I started to notice a little bit loved hitting the bag and doing the kickboxing stuff it felt really really good. 


There are a few people in my mind that I think when I hit those back so that thing but then I stopped for like two months. And of course, it’s through Christmas. So I gained at least 10 pounds plus I used to be a heavy smoker to back in, I think three and a half four years ago. I quit smoking for the first time like I tried multiple times in my life. 


But you know I until I got these little wrinkles here now, right? Because I’ve been smoking for 25 years, right? But it was the best decision I ever made. But I did I did gain some weight, right? But it’s because I didn’t do any exercise and I sit at my desk every day. Anyway. So you know, I decided that I really wanted to get better, right? I really wanted to feel better. 


When you’re running a business, it’s a lot of stress. Right? There’s a lot of pluses to it but when you’re taking it from this point to this point, there’s it you don’t know what you don’t know so there’s a lot of overwhelming there’s a lot of things that you have to learn and pick up on you know you’re gonna make mistakes and you know, I’ve made mistakes with some of my clients, you know, of course, you got to backpedal and try and figure out what hat happened and, you know, you got to deal with a lot of stress and it can be overwhelming at times. 


But if you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re gonna drop the ball and things are gonna start happening. So I was like, I need to feel better like I just need to feel better, right? And my girlfriend is vegan. So that really I felt like I’ve already had a good head start on that and I you know, that’s a whole nother conversation but not everyone agrees with it or really wants to move that way. But personally, I think that that’s been a huge help in me losing some weight as well. But I found you I don’t even know how it really happened I was just googling you know, trainers and then went through some bark website which ended up you know, contacting you you contacted me and we’ve been together since March.



I think it was was it I feel like it was longer today I think I want to say February could have been a march



march yeah cuz I know I went on holidays for like with working out for like two months and then I was like, Okay, okay, gotta get back into this. But you were super good with it because you understood my concerns and my issues like I didn’t want to, as they say, bake a cake at 700 Fahrenheit because I’m not going to get a good cake and and then I’m not going to want to bake a cake again. You know, wean into it a little bit, right? I just wanted to try it out. See if I liked it right? You gave me a customized plan. And it’s through an app on my phone, which was awesome. And I can you say you, I told you what I wanted? You told me what probably is a good idea. 


And what is it a good idea together, you know, we put our heads together and you have the scientific data to know how things work, right. And so you just give me a 20  25 minute workout for I think it was a good couple of months. And that’s all I needed to really feel like this is this is for me. And then as soon as I started feeling good about doing my workouts, that I just wanted to do it all the time. I got addicted to it, right? 


It’s just like, and then 75 heart came into my life. And you know, as showing check this, check this out, and I’m sending it to you. And you’re like, Oh, right, you’re a little bit hard on me with that one. And you know what, I went a month, almost a month, I think it was day 29. And I forgot to take a profile pic. And with 75 heart, if you miss any one of those things, you start over. 


Yeah, no matter what, I could have taken a profile picture that I already had saved in my phone from yesterday, kind of thing, and put it in there, no one would have been wiser. But I would have known. Right? And 75 heart would have never been the same after that. So I started over, did it for like, I think another four or five days. And then now my businesses like really growing really quickly. So you know, I was overcoming a lot of stress. 


And my time was management was getting difficult. So had to shut down and 75 heart. And you said to me, that’s probably the best thing you ever did. Because I haven’t been resting properly. Right? And that’s one of the main four core focuses of nutrition or exercise and being healthy is rest. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. 


So tell Tell, tell me a little bit more about like, we in terms of business owner who is out in the field, all the time driving out, doing estimates going to visit his guys, everyone’s at different levels, maybe they don’t even need to go out and do estimates anymore. Maybe they just sit in the office, what would you think would be a really good starting point for them? Like, tell me a little bit about what you would recommend somebody who would who’s on the go, wants to go but you know, they are always kind of like, because they know the beginning always is hard. Right? Right.



So I think for anybody coming in, you know, busy, you know, hard-working individual, he definitely want to ease into working out ease into fitness, start off with maybe two to three days a week, for maybe a half an hour session. Um, you know, don’t make it rocket scientist, you know, you can squeeze that 30 minutes in, anybody can get in a 30-minute workout, no matter how busy you are, three days, three days a week, okay? 


do that consistently for about a month, you know, you start to see a little bit of change towards the end of that month. And then, you know, maybe write down whatever progress you made within that month, and maybe start to increase the intensity, maybe you stay at that three days, but maybe that three days turns into 45 minutes, as opposed to a half an hour. And then another month goes by, you kind of check back in with yourself again, still at three days a week, but maybe now those three days turn into hours, so on and so forth. 


Okay? It’s not something, fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all. I mean, it has different sizes, it has different looks to it. I’m not expecting somebody that that’s sitting at a desk all day to, you know, go run a marathon A month later, nothing that’s not going to happen. So the first thing you should be doing when you decide I’m going to make a change and I’m going to get a little bit more active is do it for you. 


Don’t do it for anybody else. Don’t do it for any kind of outside gain, all these people are going to be checking me out, I’m going to pick somebody up at the gym or something like that. Do it for you do it because it’s going to help you live longer, it’s going to help you be happier. And it’s going to give you more energy, it’s going to give you more passion for whatever it is that you’re doing. Like you’re going to be more motivated to get up and go to work run your business. 


I don’t know go build a house or something like that. You’re just gonna have that extra added energy that I think we all need. One thing that I noticed about you Rudy, was when we started you were really you’re really timid at first, but then as you started to open up, like we just as you said, we just kind of started bouncing ideas off each other and you know those. I think you We’re doing like three or four workouts a week, and then it turned into four or five. 


And here we are, like you’re almost at like seven days a week, and are constantly twice a day. Right? Right. And that’s another thing too when you’re feeling really, really, really good about fitness, but you’re not necessarily taking care of yourself. There’s nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong with stopping reassessing where you’re at, yeah, recovery. Because if you don’t, you’re just gonna burn out, you’re just gonna burn out and you’re



gonna injure yourself too, right? Because that’s what your body needs, your muscles are going to tear and you’re going to have link torn ligaments. And like I noticed because I didn’t go crazy, like some people, maybe they did like the workout during the day, or in the morning. And then he did another workout at night. I didn’t do that I did like the weights or workouts. And then at night, I would walk. 


Yeah, the first week I was running. But then my knees started to get really sore and tired, which I never felt that before. Like, is it worth it? Is it really worth it? Because I feel like something’s going to crack here. Right? Yeah, I was expanding my sleep as well for the healing. But that’s all the rest that my body could get from me because I wouldn’t allow that full day or two during the week. Which, you know, I did some my own research as well. Because I know you were more against me doing the 75 heart because you didn’t want me to injure myself. Right. And so I love that, that you did that. Because you’re protecting me and my health in you are that you’re the one that is knowledgeable and you’re the one that’s trained in it. 


You’re the one that has the certifications. Yeah. But I even went on to YouTube, and this one massive Muscle Builder from the UK, and you just like, I only work out three times a week. I do my upper and my lower and my quarter, whatever he said, and that’s it. Everything else is rest. rest, rest, rest, rest, and diet. Right. And, and I was just like, that’s when I decided, Okay, I’m not doing the 75 heart anymore. I don’t know why I did I think I just wanted to see if I could do it. Right? Yeah. But it doesn’t bother me that I stopped because I’m going to tell you, since starting with you, my whole body has changed completely. 


Like I’m stronger, I have more energy. And the other thing is, I’ve been able to listen to my body, I understand what’s happening now. And I really like that. Because I never cared about that or even bothered with that before. If I have a day where you know, it’s three o’clock right now my time. But if I have a day where I’m feeling really tired, which is usually everybody’s problem, right about this time. I know it’s because of my nutrition. Or I’ve had too much coffee before I was drinking a whole bunch of water, but I still drink a whole bunch of water. And I eat healthy food, no fast foods, no processed foods, none of the garbage that is everywhere, every single street corner, right? 


actually eating good food. And before I knew it, I could still work out twice a day, come to my office work 12 hours, get a 78-hour sleep. And I’m rested for the most part. I think more towards the end of the week, I started getting really tired. But at the end of the week, it wouldn’t matter. Like I was like, I felt like I was frickin Superman, like serious. And when I wasn’t, I knew it’s because it was its rest. Right? I’m being too hard on my body or nutrition. And I was in our water, right? And a lot of times you get really tired because you’re dehydrated. And I didn’t know that. 


I thought it was like, Well, I’m just tired because I’m having a long day. Unfortunately, for most people, that’s what they think it is. But the reality is, is you have the ability to do a lot more in your life. With if you had better health. Right? You won’t feel near as tired at three o’clock.



Right? And that goes back to for somebody that’s for the working man or woman. If you notice your 24 hours, you use every second of those 24 hours, whether that’s running a business, whether that’s doing your nine to five, whatever it is, it’s very, very good to get yourself into a routine, especially if you’re going to be involved in fitness finish to be what Well, okay, let me put it to you like this. You can’t run a business, you can’t go to work. You can do none of this stuff you love to do if you’re not taking care of yourself. 


So why don’t you just take care of your body first? Why don’t you just get it to get done, get it out. If you can get up, I don’t know, 45 minutes earlier than you usually would get up. Get it out the way. Start today. That’s the for me. That’s the best way to start today. Get your workout in early. Get it out the way assess the pace for your day. You got that energy, carrying you all the way until you get home.



Yep, It’s 100% and in and before I was thinking there’s no way I’m going to get up earlier, there’s no possible way I need my sleep. You need your sleep because you’re not healthy. Right? You still need a specific amount of time to rest but, you know, if you go to bed at, let’s say 9:30 or 10 o’clock you can get up at five or six. 


Yeah. And a lot of business owners they got really early because they got to be at the shop by seven to get right yeah. But what who’s to say that you can’t get up, slammed back 16 ounces of water real quick, right? If you want to make coffee Go ahead. Make yourself a small bowl of oatmeal so it actually gets your metabolism going so you can burn off that energy. Right? Do five push-ups, five jumping jacks, right go for a quick walk around the block come back go to work that’s around that right, and at an actual workout at night.



Anything is better than nothing just make sure like if you’re going to work out at night make sure you’re like setting it so I’d say like I’m not sure like what time people get up but I’m just thinking just a general sense a general example if I know I have to be up at six o’clock in the morning. Five o’clock in the morning I’ll get my workout at six o’clock in the evening Alright, give me enough time you know cool down keep up you know to get myself reset to get my dinner at like 7:30 8 o’clock and then I’m in bed by about nine o’clock 9:30 so I’m I got my workout in I ate my dinner and I left enough time for me to digest that food where I you know where feed my body all those nutrients and stuff. You have to repair from the from the workout and then I rest and then I’m hoping I’m ready for today. Not feeling groggy or anything like that.



Yeah, you definitely don’t want to work out too late at night because you still have to eat and if you eat too late you’re not sleeping



yeah a lot of people don’t know when you go to sleep right after you eat your body you think your asleep but your body’s still up digesting that food that you just a 15 minutes ago before you fall asleep. So you want to leave yourself at least an hour and a half two hours after you eat before you go to sleep.



Yeah, this is awesome. And I know we’ve been going quite a bit longer than I get the time is already going flying by here but I want to ask you real quick and you can shut this off but look at it in terms of nutrition that’s a big one. Right? Like I know for me before I even started working out I started intermittent fasting for a while just to lose a little bit of weight it had nothing to do with working out I don’t agree with now that I understand it I don’t agree with doing intermittent fasting and a whole bunch of working out and weights because I feel like that’s a little hard on your body. 


Absolutely. You need that energy. So the food that you do eat will get burned in your workout. So it’s okay, early, right don’t do an interview. But if you don’t want to do any workout, you want to do some internet intermittent fasting. That’s okay, right? As long as you’re what you’re eating within let’s say the 8 – 10 hour window or whatever you choose. is good food, not pizza.



Yeah, absolutely. I mean, and that’s another stigma about diets or stuff like that. People say okay, I can do intermittent fasting to still eat what I want no because it’s still bad for your body it’s still going to produce bad results for your body. Yeah, I don’t care if you eat once a day and if once a day you eat five or six pieces of pizza Guess what? You’re still adding bad fats to your body you’re still going to have high cholesterol and you’re still going to feel like crap after you eat so yeah, eat good eat good there’s nothing wrong and this I’m not discouraging anybody from having a nice burger every Blue Moon or something like that. But don’t there there’s a sin that I heard at my gym and if I may you know to use a bad word. But had my buddy said you can eat like an asshole some of the time just not all at a time.



It’s true. Yeah. There’s like I remember when I had my window cleaning pressure washing businessman, the drive-thru, right? It was so easy for me to do the drives. And you know why your mind starts to change because you’re going to take in all that crap, all the sugar, all the fats, all the salts, everything else, you actually crave it. You’re like, oh, lamb o’clock, gotta go over that, you know, McDonald’s and grab that big mac deal that they got going on whatever. 


And then before you know, you’re like slobbering, just thinking about it. unfortunately, that’s not very healthy, right? Like you, you know, but then here’s what’s really cool is when you start eating Healthy your body actually craves healthy right? You’re like you’re choosing between the health right you’re like oh my god I can’t wait to have that chicken in that salad like everyone right now they’re probably laughing that I just said that probably. But the truth is is like you’re like well I’m looking really looking forward to it. Right? 


And that is the best feeling in the world I have I haven’t been to a drive-thru in a year. I’ve gone to a restaurant and I’ve had like a vegan burger maybe had some fries there so it isn’t quite good yet but I don’t do it every week do it every once in a while, right? We order in from because you we have like skip the dishes and different kinds of like delivery service now right and thinking the same Uber Eats does that too. 


But you know you can order from healthy restaurants if you’re super busy. There’s no excuse and in 2021 there’s so much convenience and availability. You just got to choose the good one, right? Yeah. All like that. That the breaded chicken and like the deep-fried stuff and like that stuff is killing you faster than you know. Right?



It’s funny I just did I just did a podcast this past Sunday about obesity and you know what’s killing us and it’s not COVID it’s not cancer It’s not all this other stuff. Is food man food is what’s killing us. Food is what’s killing us faster than anything else. What we put in our bodies. It’s killing us faster than anything else.



Yeah. Like I see people my age well, I used to have a beard so you should have seen it. Well you did see pictures of



pretty old right? That’s attributed to my partying and my bad health and everything else. But even that, like I see people who are my age and they look way older than I do you know what I mean? 


Like they’re looking rough like you can tell someone’s not looking after themselves right even physically they look tired at the bags under their eyes you know they’re just slouched over and man I’m telling you like you just you got to put in a couple of months of the hard work and then it’s just like building a business exactly the same. 


You know, it sucks in the beginning, right? Because you got to build all this stuff, but it’s like I always use that analogy of getting a passenger jet off the tarmac. It’s 90% of its fuel to get about 90 but 50% of its fuel to get off of the tarmac though hits 50,000 feet and then it’s right at that level you can decide how much further you want to go you can maintain you can but you’ve now established a routine you’re used to it you get up in the morning Have you water go read 10 pages out of a book, have some coffee, eat your oatmeal, right go to work happy than a pig and shit. Not even joking. Right? 


And that’s how it feels for me I look forward to going to work every day before I was dreading it because it would just burn all the calories out of my brain I would have to nap for like a half an hour every single day right I think I’ve had it now twice this month that’s good. That’s I attribute that to good health or obviously but like good nutrition and working out and obviously you keeping



Other small parts of this thing man I’m just giving you suggestions and you’re following on you’re doing the work



yeah, you’re a big part of it and I’m not gonna lie you’re a big part of it because the one thing that is the most difficult is staying accountable once you get to that level where it’s like now it’s like part of your lifestyle it’s different now it’s like okay, now I can just I’ll go and I’ll know what I want right maybe I’ll go and do some arms if I want today. I did everything Prince told me to do but I still feel like I can do more so I’m just gonna do a little bit more. That’s good and that’s fine right? Oh, I love that you send me texts every single day and you have been doing that since we started you’re like hey man How are you feeling brother? And then you send me the link to my workout like let’s go



to doing you know Yeah, come on. I don’t want you to feel like and this is the approach that I made that I take with my clients in person to like I never want the workouts to feel like it’s a robot standing there just looking at you yeah no emotion no con anything like that. So yeah, I want to make fun I want to I want you to I want you to have that fire like yeah, I can do this I can crush this workout you know I got my guide’s taking me on right here. You know, give me what I need.



Yeah, so yeah, Prince calls me Skywalker. Yeah.



Young Skywalker Jedi Master



James Walker. Was that what we change it to



James Walker? Yeah. James Walker.



Yeah. I love it, man. That’s super awesome. And You hear that you’re actually a big part of my life now. So for anybody that’s watching and listening to this, like, if you’re having a hard time, and you’re really struggling to try to kind of move the needle forward on your, on your, on your health on your exercise, trying to figure out from a business owners perspective, how do I get this in my day to day, right? Talk to Prince, right? 


Sign up in the kicks the kickstart app, right. Also, I’ll put a link, kick-off, kick-off app, I’ll put a link in my podcast, you guys can click that link. It isn’t an affiliate link. But it’s the only link I have. So click that link, and then it’ll reach out to Prince directly. And then that way you guys can have a conversation about your health and what and he will, this is what I really like about it. 


There’s a whole other side to the app, too, right? There’s like all the nutrition so you can actually put in there and put all the food that you like, I like Italian foods, I like Chinese food delegation foods, I like Mexican. And then you guys have a nutritional department, right? So yeah, they’ll work on this. And they will provide you with the meals. And it’s not mandatory, but it’s recommended for your success. 


So here’s your entire week with the food, go buy the groceries, here’s the how to make it. Right, you have that you can even create a grocery list right from the app. Right? I love it. And I can just go to the store, buy all the variants that I need for the entire week. And then just make it so I have no excuse. You guys have made it so, so easy for me that I don’t have an excuse. And then on top of that, you got someone like Prince sending you messages every day. 


How are you feeling? He didn’t work out yesterday, what’s going on? Are you okay? Like this is this is what I get every single day. This is the I’m blessed by it. Because if it wasn’t for that, I probably wouldn’t be working out near as much as I am. And I’ve only at 100. And I was at 183 pounds, and I’m only 510 and a half. So I noticed the difference in my belly. Like I’m sure there’s a lot of people, obviously, there are way more than that. 


But I lost almost 15 pounds, right? 15 pounds, and the abs are coming through. My arms are getting bigger. I’m feeling fantastic. Right? So why not do it? And I’m not dead? Like I mean, I was able to figure out a way yes, I know that most of my time is spent in the office. But that doesn’t make it easy for me to go out of my way during the day to go work out when I know I have things to do. 


And I have to look out for my clients. I still do my workouts before I start my day or after. And I still have to juggle that with my family and everything else. Personally, I think it’s more important to strategize your entire day around your health than it is the other way around. And I think everyone is doing it the other way around. Right? So Well, that’s awesome man, you’ve taken I’ve taken a lot of your time I earned I know, I told you is only going to be 20 minutes. 


But you know, you’re to get this out to everyone. And I think that what we put out there is really important and hopefully, even if it changes one person, it’s worth it. So thanks for listening to the podcast, guys, I really appreciate you coming out, taking the time to listen to this. hope you got some value out of it. Again, the link is going to be in the description. And we look forward to doing another podcast for you coming up very, very soon. Thanks, guys. We’ll talk to you soon. All right,



thank you. Thanks for having me.



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Topic Discussed

  • Why Fitness is important
  • How to start exercising
  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Diet plays a very important part in fitness
  • You become more productive 

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Getting on Google Maps for Concrete Coating

Getting on Google Maps for Concrete Coating

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