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Does Yoga Really Help


Podcast Episode 8: Does Yoga Really Help?

In this episode of Real Concrete Coating Talk Pod we answer the question “Does Yoga Really Help”, Laurah-Lee talks about how a calm mind and a healthy body can be more productive for business owners.

Laurah-Lee Christie is a professional Yoga/meditation teacher who helps people keep their minds and bodies calm so they can pursue their business and tackle their daily life challenges, so stick around find out how she helps other people bring calmness to their lives.


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Audio Transcript


This is the Real Concrete Coating Talk Pod, a podcast created exclusively for concrete coating contractors, where we have real talks with industry pros about business fails, wins, and all that BS that everyone else don’t care about. all in an effort to inspire you, the entrepreneur, to keep moving the needle forward to success so that you can live out the dreams you intended to create for your life. I’m your host, Rudy Hettrick, the founder of Floor Coating Marketers, the one and only digital agency that specializes exclusively in growing concrete businesses online. So stick around for this episode. It’s not one you wanna miss.



Hello, hello, hello, and thank you, again, for listening to another episode of the Real Concrete Coating Talk Pod. I’m super excited about this episode as well. I’m excited about all my episodes, of course, I mean, we’re trying here to deliver things that are important, I think for not just a concrete coating business, but a business owner in general, and just for being a human. So that’s kind of the purpose, of this podcast is to not just talk about the services that we provide, and Google ads, and Facebook ads, but I really think that there’s an important aspect of running a business. And that’s mental health, right? 


We’re really, you know, living in a time that’s very, very stressful. There’s a lot of, you know, things around us that can cause a lot of stress and really kind of, I don’t know, make us not want to focus on really what we want to focus on. So I want to introduce somebody that I’ve known for a really, really, really long time. We’re not going to probably talk about that too much. But we’re going to, you know, we’re going to basically kind of go over a few things that I think can really, really help business owners. And I know it sounds weird, but you know, we’re going to talk about yoga. Okay, we are gonna talk about yoga. I do yoga, I work out every single day, and it has changed my life. But I’m not going to talk about that because I’m not the expert. You are. So who are you? What’s going on?



Hi there, Thanks Rudy for having me my favorite topic to talk about obviously, so my name is Laurie Christie. I’m a yoga teacher. I just celebrated my 13 years actually last week of teaching, becoming a yoga teacher, and yeah, the journey has just been incredible. So I teach yoga and meditation I’m also a Reiki Master which is all about energy healing and I and EFT which is called Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping and law of attraction practitioner and I’m an energetic alignment coaching


 so now what I do as well as teaching yoga still I work with mostly women in the health and wellness industry and I help coach them through all the struggles that they’re dealing with their businesses all the overwhelm and stress anxiety and I use these different modalities to help them push forward and continue on with following their dreams of starting their own businesses. So yeah, that’s me in a nutshell



awesome, love it great intro Thank you You know, my girlfriend she’s into into the energy and stuff and you know I’m kind of sort of still kind of getting there a little bit I definitely do believe in the like using the universe and putting it out there and just you know, saying like listen this is what I want you put positivity out there you help people you know create a positive environment you’re going to reach you do not attract that kind of positivity in your



life. I just got chills already Yeah. So true that it’s so powerful and that’s why I got into law of attraction, off and on over the years but really dived into it this year and so many incredible things that happen when you put those intentions what you want to achieve in your life out there. Yeah, for sure. For sure. That positivity and watch things unfold. Yeah, definitely.



So before we get into the weeds and in-depth, you know, on all that kind of stuff, what got you into yoga, anyway?



Yeah, so one of yours probably when we knew each other, like over 20 years ago, I got rear-ended twice within three months of each other. So suffering a lot of neck and shoulder pain, and going everywhere, like chiropractor massage, acupuncture, you name it, I tried it, and it was it helped for a short period of time, but then it was it wouldn’t go away. 


And strangely enough, my dad was the one that started telling me to go to yoga. He had never done yoga before in his life. I still don’t know why he told me but for like two years, he was telling me to do this, and I just kept resisting and then finally just to shut him up, to be honest. I’m like, Okay, I’ll go to yoga and So one of our friends, Gabby, I approached her like, hey, my dad really wants me to go try yoga, do you want to come and we found something through like the leisure guide. 


It was a 10-week class. And so she’s like, yeah, I’ll try that with you. So we went, and I enjoyed it. Never practice at home after the 10 weeks, that was kind of the end of it. And then sometime around, after that, I developed insomnia. And literally staring at the ceiling every night. I don’t know even know how long this lasted for and couldn’t sleep. And one day I was talking to Gabby about it, and I said, Yeah, no, I can’t sleep. Like I’m just literally like, wide awake. And she’s like, why don’t you try that deep breathing that we did in yoga? And I’m like, Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. 


So that night, I went to sleep. And I tried to deep breathing, I passed out like that never had problems with insomnia again, so a lot of my students have trouble sleeping. And so I’m telling them, yeah, the deep breathing is what you got to do. And zoom has this new feature that keeps, okay, put my hands up. And, yeah, and so and, you know, tell them about the deep breathing. And then there are also different yoga poses that you can do that help with insomnia help calm your brain and relax your body. 


And so that was a huge eye-opener for me, I’m like, all I have to do is Breathe deep. And now I can sleep. And so that was huge. And so I still, you know, every once in a while, I’m like, Oh, yeah, I remember doing that one yoga pose. And it really helped my neck. And I would do that it was very infrequent. And then I tried yoga a couple more times, with some more mutual friends of ours, we went to a gym and one day they announced that they were going to have a yoga class, we were like, let’s sign up for this. 


And I remember the class started me and I and the girls looked at each other, like, we’re never coming back to this because it was clear now that I’m a yoga teacher that she wasn’t a yoga teacher that she was just a fitness instructor that did some yoga and thought she could teach a class. So it was all like boot camp-ish, not like the relaxed mindfulness kind of private practice. 


And then I tried one more time. That was a terrible experience. It was this hot yoga studio, and I’m not knocking hot yoga studio. I’ll continue on for a second. But that style just was not for me. And I’m like, this is brutal. Why would anybody want to torture themselves with this? And then for whatever reason, another friend convinced me to try yoga one more time. This also was a hot yoga studio, but it wasn’t nearly as hot. And it was actually yoga, yoga style that I really resonated with. And that’s when I fell in love with the practice. I was going like four or five times a week. And I remember just at the end of class one day, you know, you’re lying down on your mat, and I was listening to my instructor, and like, Wow, she’s got an amazing job, like helping people feel so good for a living.




I’m just listening to her. And I’m just like, so at peace and my blissful state. And it didn’t occur to me then it was months later that finally, I had my aha moment. Like, I got to become a yoga teacher. And so the end of that year, I became I went through my yoga teacher training, I got to do it on beautiful Gabriel Island, which is a 20-minute ferry ride away from where I live now. 


And yeah, that’s kind of what started it. And because it was hot yoga, and I was dealing with all that, that chronic pain because of my car accidents, the physical benefits was just amazing. And I just felt so great every time I went to class. And then after continuing the practice, it was the mental health benefits that I realized were even far exceeding the physical aspect of it. 


And so a little bit about my background is I you know, several with insomnia, I had anxiety, PTSD, and was suicidally depressed for the majority of my life. And so finding a practice that I could do something holistically that I could do without drugs and medication to overcome all that was just huge for me. And yeah, that was kind of what for me, I’m like, Okay, this is what I got to do. I need to help people that are dealing with chronic pain as I did for so long. And then the mental health part of it. And yeah, that’s kind of where it all began for me.



Yeah, that’s amazing. That’s a good story because I think a lot of people can relate to this, right. In terms of dealing like we were just talking about before we had a podcast before we started the podcast we were talking about, you know, some of the benefits of it, right? But also, as business owner, we have a business for a reason. It’s not just to go do concrete coating or for me to do digital marketing, although I love it. 


And I’m sure all concrete coating companies, business owners do as well. There’s a reason why we run a business and that’s to serve ourselves and to serve our families, right? But sometimes when you’re growing a business, it can kind of do the reverse where it’s kind of running you, and sometimes you’re losing control of it a little bit and there’s a lot of stress that’s involved with trying to determine and strategize which levers to pull and all this guy called in sick now I have to go out in the field oh this is going on over here now I have to go and do this. Okay buddy over there just blew transmission now I got to go get a new vehicle or I got to go rent wonder I gotta figure this all out. There’s a whole bunch of stress. 


Sometimes it feels like you might as well just give up. Like, screw it. I’m done. But there’s something to be said about the power of the mind. Right? But that’s also in line with your physical being right? It’s like your physical body. If your body is in good shape, and in good health, your mind is in good shape and good health. 


And I never believed that for a long time. Probably my entire 20s and for most of my 30s was partying partying partying partying I smoked for 25 years right and actually fell you know slightly into some addiction a little bit as well. Like I was a drinker I drank Thursdays I was a day drinker by Sunday. Right? And so that wasn’t helping anything right? 


So I knew I needed to make some changes in my life because I could not manage or handle any amount of stress every time something stressful even if it was a small thing that came into my life. It felt like it was the end of the world because everything seems like it happens at the same time. Yeah, this happens this happens this happens this happens this happens okay? Bring it on. Bring it on what else



you got? Yeah, exactly.



So I think having a daily routine of self I don’t even know what the word would be managed.




I like self-care is important like you know it’s not like you know a thing just for women like I’ve noticed that this is a thing that everyone should be taking advantage of. Right? Like or not, it’s up to you but if you’re finding that you’re having a lot of stress in your life, you know, maybe it’s worth trying it out. 


Here’s a perfect example so I’ve been working out for a while so I started like last November I was doing kickboxing which I really love but it was more of a hit base kickboxing I was not limber Yeah, I would try to try to kick the bag and I feel like my pop my hip hop out right or I be like super sore or I get heartburn or you know all these things, not a good time right 


I struggled with kinda you know get that balance and then, of course, COVID really hit over here and may close all that down so then you know I ended up not going after that but then I gained some weight over winter and then I started actually working out in March like doing it on my own like okay, I don’t need kickboxing, but I need something. Right. 


So I ended up I had another podcast before this with Prince he’s actually my personal trainer, we just he just trains me virtually working out. And he’s awesome. He even he put like, not every day is is a gym, like muscle building routine. It’s yoga. He will like to do stretches all the time. Stretch, stretch, stretch, yoga, yoga, right? And I actually do the workouts I actually do is maybe two-three times a week. Right? 


Everything else is maintenance and getting your arms stretched out getting these muscles stretched out getting that oxygen into your bloodstream, getting your body limber because I noticed when I saw my hips are always the worst because I’m sitting all the time. Yeah, right I’m sitting all the time, and then if I do let’s say good leg workout that even adds more stress to that area. And so when I started doing the workout I’ve just I couldn’t even barely do like split my legs apart sometimes. Right? 


And then when I did do it I felt like like there was a massive fire going on down there like I was in an immense amount of pain. Yeah over time though. The starting to open up and I started to get more flexible and then all of a sudden I started to get less stressed out and all of a sudden now I’m more like my body feels less stressed so I’m feeling less stressed and happy it’s crazy it’s connected Yeah, yeah 


and then sometimes I’ll like do the yoga doing yoga like 30-minute yoga in the evening after dinner right I’ll do some yoga out on my balcony sometimes when it’s nice out yeah it’s just like you know got the nice fresh air coming in. And I because I’m not at all just like because I’m a guy I just felt like weird at first I thought yoga was more for women and whatever else but now it’s just I don’t even care because how it makes me feel if I can’t even put it into words All I know is that when my body is relaxed, my mind is relaxed and I can take on huge amount of stress. You know yeah my in my kind of on point with that. Yeah, totally.



And I’m so glad that you said all of that. I literally got goosebumps, listening So I want I want to bring up a couple of misconceptions that come up a lot. So I hear from people so many times, oh, you’re a yoga teacher, Oh, I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible. Yoga is actually what helps you like Rudy just said, it helps you become flexible. And so when you people, yeah, you said a lot. I said a lot during my day working on computers to I had some meetings with my clients. And yeah, if you have a lot of low back pain, it’s usually a result of tight hips. 


So if you think about everything that you’re doing, you’re sitting, you’re driving, you’re walking, you’re going up and down the stairs, you’re using all those muscles all the time, but we never stretch them out. And that’s why you started to notice that difference, when you continued with the yoga that you started to open up and become more flexible. And then that pain, it starts to go away, because you stretched out muscles. 


And the other point I want to make is so yoga originated in India over 5000 years ago, and it was only men that did yoga, back in India, there was came over to North America, then it became this thing, it was the men that the teachers that were bringing it to North America, but then it became this thing that was just women. And now over the years, even since I started, more and more men are getting into it, and I love that and you need it. 


Please try it out. And like my story, if you tried it out and didn’t like it, go to another class, go try something else. Look on. There are so many different styles of yoga too. So some people say, Well, you know, I think that type A personality where they go, go, go, go, go now like, Oh, I can’t do yoga, because like, I can’t just sit there, I feel like I’m doing nothing. Well, those are the type of people that actually need it. Because they need that, that calm this down in there like minds and their body. 


But there are their styles for everybody. So I teach a relaxation base class. And then I also teach a hit yoga class, which is high-intensity interval training. And so you know, you get your heart pumping, and you’re sweating. Naturally, you know, with a heated room or anything like that. And yeah, like there are so many different styles that you can explore. And there’s gonna be one that you resonate with. And then there might be more that you don’t. But yeah, just keep looking for different styles. And you’ll find something that you like,



Yeah, for sure. Yeah. And I think really, at the end of the day, it’s just try it. Right? If you’re, if you’re really trying to figure out how to start, just go on to YouTube. And yeah, maybe it’s not going to get all of the best kind of stuff. Or you could go see Laura, and she can help you, right. But you know, because he’s got to be careful when you’re on YouTube, everyone’s gonna put up some kind of video. It’s not like it’s saying you’re not certified. So don’t you know, you’re going to end up, you know, possibly watching something that maybe you shouldn’t, but at the same time, it’s still good to do the research, still try to figure out what’s best for you and your body. 


But if you could list out four key benefits.



Yeah, would it be one of the most important aspects of yoga is deep breathing alone, to help open up your muscles and help you to release that tension. So all throughout the yoga practice, we’re focusing on deep breathing, which also, which helps your mind calm down to deep breathing. 


Like I said, that’s what helped me with my insomnia, and I was able to fall asleep quickly with that. So what it does for you is it helps improve your mental and emotional health, it triggers the fastest way to calm down the deep breathing, and then it triggers your parasympathetic nervous system, which will help to increase that relaxation response. 


And that’s why it had happened so quickly because you’re just focusing on your breath. So what I like to if you want to do a little practice here, right now. So what I like to do is place your suit up nice and tall, wherever you are. And then just place one hand over your heart, one hand over your belly, and just focus I’m just not even thinking about your breath right now just breathing normally see where your breathing? Are you breathing into your chest? Or do you feel it down into your belly? So most of us take these short, shallow breaths just into our chest. And what that actually does is triggers the fight and flight response. 


So when you’re breathing in your chest, your body thinks, oh, there’s something wrong. So if you’re stressed out and anxious and you’re just doing those short, shallow breaths, then your body’s go keeps in that that stressed out anxious state. So once you start to breathe deeper, so what I want you to do now is take a deep breath in through your nose and count slowly to three as you do that. So you’ll start to feel your belly expand, then your ribcage widens, then your chest rises, and then you can slow exhale, feel your chest go down your rib cage, so to draw in, and then your belly softens. 


And then you just keep breathing in that pattern so nicely, but I always tell people to start off with a counter of three but once you get used to that Then you can up into four or five counts, whatever feels good for you. And then on your next exhale what you decide out from your mouth. And notice what happened. So I thought, maybe you that your shoulders immediately drop, right, you start to relax out all your muscles. So as you’re breathing deeply, your muscles are starting to relax. 


And then you just get that whole calming effect. And so you can do that, whether it’s a minute to start your day, five minutes, 10 minutes, whatever you have time for, that’s still yoga, just simply breathing deeply, you’re actually doing yoga, and the more you practice that the better you’re going to feel. 


And that stress is going to start to go and what I love about and save, you’re working on something that you’re just struggling and something’s not working and, and you’re just getting so frustrated, you’re ready to like throw your computer out the window, maybe those days, I just have to remind myself, it’s step away from the technology, step away from whatever it is that you’re working on. And just take those few minutes just to breathe deeply. 


And then those ideas will kind of hit me all of a sudden, like, oh, if I do this, and that’ll work and then and then you’ve solved the problem instead of just pounding away at it and not getting any further ahead because you’re just so stressed out, you can’t get that that is that inspiration or that whatever it is that you’re looking for when you’re more calm and relaxed, then that’s when your brain can stop thinking, all, those thoughts, and then the ideas come to you. 


So that’s what I love about it the most. And then the other things is if you talk about or if you think I like this analogy if you go to your junk drawer to find an elastic band for something and you find Oh, here’s one and then you go to use it and it snaps and breaks because it’s so old. Well if you think about your muscles like and hold the elastic band, if you’re just continuously working, working, working, working and not doing anything to stretch them out, they’re going to get tighter and tighter and tighter and tenser and tenser and that’s where all the body pain comes in. 


So the low back pain, you know, we have the chest The, the just the tension, we all have our tension their neck and shoulders and in our hips. And so that affects the back and then the rest of the body with the upper body. So as you stretch and become more flexible like we talked about, then it just then that pain starts to starts to go away and you just feel better and better. 


And then you you develop the strength because there are different styles of yoga like we talked about. So there’s some which we call static poses where you’re holding them for like five or six breaths or longer. And building that endurance, that strength endurance, and then there are the other styles where we’re getting more of a workout, but we always do a cool down at the end to stretch everything out especially those hips because those are the worst. Those tight hips.



The best about the static poses is the shaking after.



Yeah, and that’s your body that’s your muscles working you especially if you’re balancing on one leg and you practice you feel the muscle you feel that leg shaking and it’s the body working like okay the muscles like okay we got to work harder here to keep you upright I don’t want you to fall over and yeah and you feel it but then that lessens the more you do it right you start to stop shaking as much yeah cuz its muscle memory too. 


So I was actually did an interview earlier this weekend, what we were talking about reminded me of this story so back where we’re from originally Winnwpeg brutally cold winters and I was walking down through the exchange you know how there’s like back alleys somewhere in exchange and so it’s crossing this back alley and it was icey icey icey 


and this car is coming way too fast for a back alley for one and because it was icey, but I knew I had enough time I saw him and I knew I had enough time to cross the alleyway but I slipped on the ice and normally if I would fall I would fall on my ass or on my knees and then you know when you fall down your back hurts your knees by so many times I’ve had black and blue knees for like all winter 


and this time because of muscle memory I didn’t fall down I fell into a standing forward bend so here I am middle of the exchange winter day on a back alley and I’m in a forward bend and because my body was just so used to always go so instead of falling down My body just naturally went to this forward bend and so I’m in this for a band and now I’m laughing because this car is still coming up and I’m like right and center of where he is and I just had to like get up and continue walking away in the car is probably that what the hell is this girl doing that’s what happened so it seems like I have been hit by that car like if I had fallen down and you know didn’t have the time to get up. But um yeah, it’s just amazing how your body just gets so used to it that Yeah.



here’s another here’s another story. So just on the weekend we went out to Horseshoe Bay because we have a family you know, my girlfriend mom came in to visit. Like, let’s go take a tour went over there real quick, just to kind of we’re on our way to Whistler right, and then go for a road trip. So we stopped at Horseshoe Bay, which is a nice little nook area where the ferry comes in. 


But it’s really really pretty, it’s like a cove break from the water. And it’s just gorgeous. But it’s it was a little bit chilly and wet. And we are on the dock. And we wanted to go down this ramp where they were the boats are to take some pictures of like all of the seashells and stuff that are stuck to the pillars, right? And I’m like, Okay if she was getting me, my mother-in-law is going to go down. 


I’m like, Whoa, no, no, here, let me do it because you might want to Casey wipeouts in a hurt, right? I took one step and I like right out on this ramp. And I landed on my butt, but I felt some movement. I’m not gonna lie. I felt some serious movement. Yeah, that my age you know, it’s a little bit it hurts more when you learn when you fall, right? Yeah. I’m going to do it. This is going to be I’m going to feel this for like a week because that’s what it used to be like, if I fall or something out, wipe out on the ice. You feel for quite some time. Sometimes it can be a month, right? Ah, next day. Didn’t feel a thing. Yeah,



there you go.



I got good news. Let’s see. I got a couple bruises. Yeah, got a couple of bruises there cuz I was holding on to a rail, right. And I didn’t like the water. Right? Yeah. But yeah, I never felt anything like I thought for sure I was gonna like an ache in my back in my hips. But because I’ve been doing the workouts and I’ve been doing yoga, and I’m stretching my muscles out. I’m not shocking my system when something happens and your muscles need to react.



Yes, exactly. You know,



if they can think of, you know, if your concrete coating business owner and you’re listening to this or watching it, think of all the times that you lift those diamond grinders up there. I don’t even know how heavy they are, because I’ve never lifted one. But it takes two to three guys depending on the machine, and they’re heavy, right? And all it takes is that one little wrong move, you can you could damage yourself forever. It’s not just oh, now I’m screwed for my back in the long term effects, right, you’re gonna feel that in five years, you’re going to do the same thing again, because you think you’re all good. And you’re going to hit you’re going into that exact same spot. So



I just had a thought about that. So when you are lifting heavy equipment, most of the time when we’re doing stuff like that we hold our breath, what you need to do is breathe as deeply as you can as you’re doing that because that’s going to help open up your muscles rather than keeping them all tight. And then that’s how you injure yourself on one move. And then yeah, your toe is actually



really good because I learned when you’re doing the barbell squats, you got to be all the muscles like the big bar on the back on the on your shoulders, and then you squat down. That workout always terrified me, because I was like, if I hurt my back, I’m so screwed, right? 


But what they say is you breathe in and then you breathe in with your mouth. Because what it does is it creates this like really strong barrier around your spine of air, right? So just like all your muscles, everything else like everything just tightens up all-around your spine, right so that you’re not it’s not going to happen it keeps your spine aligned as long as you’re pivoting properly right and everything kind of works out that way so like you say it’s all about the core so you know before you pick up some heavy do that big suck and then hold it in because believe it, it works I’ve tried it and works really really well.



Yeah speaking of like falling an injury so back again in Winnipeg I had a really bad multiple falls but one where I landed right on my ass on the stairs and had incredible back pain I think for a year I could not sit for for more than a few seconds without excruciating pain and I went to my doctor and she sent me for x rays. 


And I remember her telling me she’s like you’re lucky that you do yoga because if not like you could possibly be in a situation where you wouldn’t be able to walk for the rest of your life and I was like whoa, um, and yeah, it took a lot a long time before I recover from that that injury and yeah, it was all like my low back got like squished and my pelvis and hips were like torque during whatever and so excruciating, excruciating pain. So yeah, I was really thankful that I had all that years of yoga beforehand to that I ended up you know, it was still a long recovery but it could have been way worse than it actually was.



Yeah, for sure. So if you were to say to let’s say You know, I’m let’s say I’m a business owner of a concrete coating business, and how can I incorporate yoga In my schedule, like what would be like these guys get up early right there up at probably five o’clock, right? They’re ready to run, they’re just like, go go, when is the best time do you think for somebody like that to be you



know, if they have the time and I know it’s hard because you’re getting up that early, I don’t get that all right. But if you had the time and it doesn’t have to be like a whole, like, if you’re going to a yoga studio, it’s like an hour long class or something, it’s 90 minutes, you don’t have to do it that long, you can just do a bunch of different stretches, you know, 5 10 minutes half an hour, if you have to, you can do it before your day starts and then you’re going to be better prepared for that day. 


But after that hard day of work and lifting all that heavy equipment and all that hard labor, then that’s going to be an ideal time to and so I would recommend doing you don’t want to do yoga, you know, like right after dinner or something like that because it’s not gonna feel good on with your digest while you’re digesting. 


But right before bed would be an ideal time to do that. And there’s even you know, again, if you look up YouTube videos or reach out to me if you want some advice, especially for back and hips and stuff like that, you know, your your, you know, standing you’re working that, you know, you can do some of those stretches while you’re on the job, you know, and just to just help open up the muscles and release that tension that you’re feeling. So yeah, you’re gonna have to find the time that’s better, better for you whether it’s the morning after hour after work in the evening. And yeah, just do even if it’s just a few poses that you’re doing, especially for the back and hips, I highly recommend



doing stretches to start. don’t even have yoga just start stretching. Yeah, yeah. Get into yoga. I think maybe that would be good, too. Because I mean, and I don’t even think it’s like trying to find the time. I think it’s you need to make time. Exactly. And as soon as I started making it part of my routine, it’s it was a little bit difficult in the beginning. Right? And maybe it’s easier for me because you know, I’m in my office all day, right? It’s easy for me to just go and do it. 


But you can do deep breathing exercises. If you’re in the truck and you’re really stressed out from the day or things aren’t, you know, you’re not getting product delivered to the job site like he thought it was going to be or however you had it strategize, and it’s not working out as planned. And you’re losing it. Like Laura said, just take that minute. Sit in your truck, roll up the windows, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, and do deep breathing exercises for like five minutes. It will change. I guarantee you I know cuz I do it every day.



Yeah. 100% Yeah, it’s so amazing. And just and you’ll see how quickly you’ll start to just feel better and relax and calm down just with the deep breathing alone. So it’s extremely powerful.



Awesome. So you provide yoga classes online as a service, right?



Yes. Yeah. Do it through zoom. Yeah. And actually a funny story. I started doing it through zoom, literally a week before the pandemic hit. It was just part of my plan to go online. And when I went online, live, the next week, everything shut down. And all my clients like, how did you know that this happened? I’m like I had a pandemic, I didn’t know. And I the universe was just looking out for me. So yeah, it’s pretty incredible. So yeah, I teach online and do two weekly yoga classes. And then I also do a meditation class, which includes more deep breathing and the tapping of the Emotional Freedom Technique that I mentioned earlier, which is another extremely powerful tool. If you want to learn more about it, we talk about that later.



So if someone wants to reach out to you.



So my business is called LL yoga and wellness. On Facebook, that’s what it’s under on Instagram. It’s @breathe_flow_create. And then my website, my easy website is just, which will redirect you to my full name dot com But many of those ways you can get a hold of me.



Awesome. Well, this was awesome, was really fun. I’m really glad we did this episode because I know it’s a little bit weird. And it’s a little bit different than what you’d probably expect. And probably maybe some of these listeners already jumped off. I don’t know. 


You know, it’s hard to know. But, you know, honestly, it’s for those who actually stuck around to the end that tells me that, you know, if you give us a try, or maybe you even already do it, maybe you’re already incorporating this and you can relate to that, you know, so if that’s the case, you know, just leave a review, make a comment, whatever it is that you want to do on this episode, share it to others who you think might might need this. 


I know Laura is very accessible. So if you want to reach out to her, you know, and try to come up with some kind of a game plan to help with your mental health and with your stress, and with your body. I guarantee you if you even try to try this out, if you want to try this out for just even a small amount of time, you might find that it’s Something that you can easily incorporate in your day-to-day, not a problem, right?



Yeah. And I always let everybody try out a class for free. If you want, just reach out to me and I’ll send you in and you can try it out and see what you think.



Now there are no excuses. You got a free class. Yeah, all you got to do is reach out. That’s it.



Yeah. So Tuesdays 6pm. Pacific Time is my relaxation, weights class. And then Thursday. 6pm. Pacific is my hitch fit flow, I call it. That’s the workout. But you also get a nice cooldown stretch at the end, too. Yeah, yeah, that I do my meditation class on Sunday mornings at 9 am.



Awesome. Well, thanks again, Laura, for coming on my podcast. I really, really appreciate it. Yeah, so hope you guys got some value out of this again, share this out and share this podcast to everyone out there that you think could do get some value out of it. We really want to try to use this podcast as a way to not just talk about marketing, but we want to talk about business, right? As a whole, as a person, you’re in person. Things happen in your life. Let’s talk about it. Let’s get it out. And, you know, share this with people who you think is going to get value out of it. Thanks again. And we’ll talk to you later. 


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Topic Discussed

  • Does yoga really help?
  • Different types of Yoga styles
  • Different types of Yoga techniques
  • How a business owner incorporate yoga in their life
  • How yoga helps your body 

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