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Do I Need A VA For Concrete Coating Business


Podcast Episode 4: Do I Need a VA For Concrete Coating Business

You’re going to love this episode!  At least I sure enjoyed interviewing Melody Edwards from Home Service VA.  The year is 2021 and we have the internet at our fingertips.  Imagine how much time you could save every day or month if you had someone virtually next to you doing the tasks that are consuming your day. What would you do with that time?

In this episode we ask the question; Do I need a VA For My Concrete Coating Business? And get some really cool business insights from Melody.

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Audio Transcript


This is the Real Concrete Coating Talk Pod, a podcast created exclusively for concrete coating contractors, where we have real talks with industry pros about business fails, wins, and all that BS that everyone else don’t care about. all in an effort to inspire you, the entrepreneur, to keep moving the needle forward to success so that you can live out the dreams you intended to create for your life. I’m your host, Rudy Hettrick, the founder of Floor Coating Marketers, the one and only digital agency that specializes exclusively in growing concrete businesses online. So stick around for this episode. It’s not one you wanna miss.




Hello, hello. Hello, everybody. And thank you for coming to this new episode of the real concrete coding talk pod. I have a really special guest here. I’ve known her for a few years now back in my window cleaning owning days. And we were actually even in a our own little kind of group that we had about four or five members where we were holding each other accountable. And and yeah, it was fun. It was fun. They’ve got out Yeah, yeah, it was good. It was good. really helped us keep accountable to sticking Yeah, nice. But yeah, as time moves on, you know, things change. Right? So yeah. Why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself? What? Yeah, what’s your business? What do you do? Who’s this? Who’s this lady here in front of me?



Okay, so my name is Melody Edwards. I actually live in western Massachusetts, and I have a business with a co owner called So we’re kind of like a virtual assistant matchmaking company, which is different from what a lot of other companies do. But I think what makes us special is that because I have a 28 year background in home service, both as a business owner and a technician for window cleaning companies, and I still have a Christmas light company, I really understand how difficult it is to hire and train a virtual assistant. So I’ve created a system with my partner to help business owners make the process very easy.



Yes, yes, I call it window view on one of our Facebook groups. What was the name of your business? Again,



it’s, like virtual



And as soon as I saw that, I wanted you on the podcast, because I knew this was needed, especially the coating business, and also other service-based businesses that you’re going to be dealing with, you know, one of the biggest things is trying to manage anything, right, from administrative tasks that, you know, on a part-time level to, you know, handling messages from Facebook, you know, all these different categories are so many different things that you can use a VA for. So are you an agency? or What is it



we’re not an agency, so we’re definitely very, it’s different, I have to explain it to people, what I didn’t want to do, I didn’t want to become an agency, because I didn’t want to end up managing, you know, 100 business owners and 100, virtual assistants relationships. I’m really somebody who likes to help people that’s kind of like a part of who I am as a person. And I, to be honest like I sold my window cleaning company last year because I wanted to just focus on holiday lights. And when I did that, I suddenly realized, Oh, my God, I have eight months of the year, that is just nothing. And I thought I wanted that. And then I went towards this business because I knew the need was there. And I could help a lot of people. And I built the business to be what I wish I had had when I started hiring virtual assistants for my business. Yeah,



so let’s go into a little bit more detail on the structure of how it works. So if I needed to be and I came to you what happened? Like what, tell me a little bit about the process so that other people who are listening to this kind of or watching this kind of understand how this all works?



Sure. So the first thing that you do when you come to us is to fill out a questionnaire. It’s a questionnaire that has pretty much almost every task a virtual assistant can do. And it’s a lot more than what people usually think it’s going to be. And you can’t we also have it prioritized by urgency. So let’s say you wanted somebody to handle your emails, is that as a level one urgent needs to happen right now kind of task or is it like in the future, they can do it level four kind of task. So it’s very easy to fill out this form. 


And I tried to make it as simple as possible, right, but then after that form is filled out. We set up an appointment, or maybe before that actually, I’m sorry, we set up an appointment to meet. We go over that and we kind of figure out what the top priority like tasks that you need a virtual assistant To start training on immediately when they come on board, and we also go over everything HR-related. 


So we figure out how much do you want to pay them per hour? What day? Are you going to pay them on? Do they ever get paid for holidays? Do they have sick days? and anything else that has to do with HR, we kind of figure out we have all these questions we ask. And a lot of people don’t know, because we hire, you know, my business partners in the Philippines. And we really focus on Filipino virtual assistants. So it’s not like this, that’s not our culture. 


So I really try to make sure that people understand cultural aspects of having a VA from another country, and especially communication, that’s something we get to get into. So yes, yeah. And then after that, basically, you’ve given us everything we need, you also take a disc assessment, which I don’t know if you people would know, but like a behavioral self-assessment, to figure out kind of what your complimentary match is going to be. And we don’t just decide based on disc, but it’s just another tool that we use. And at that point, we have everything we need to find your virtual assistant. 


And we really try to match people up with by need, because everybody’s going to have experience who comes through our, you know, who we recruit, but we really want to find the right person. So during that time, though, I’m you’re also receiving emails every day, just little tasks that you should be doing. Because one of the ways that we train people to get up and running really quickly with their VA is by creating video training. 


That is the way Yeah, well, it’s, it’s a very simple way before I knew about that, it just seemed impossible to figure out how to train somebody on something I just naturally do. So literally, when you’re doing the task, you just turn on the loom and you start training, you just like start recording what you’re doing. It’s just that simple. And it’s since we’ve already figured out what tasks you need to train on. It’s very, like specific, I’m really trying to make sure that it’s as easy as possible for the business owner, and they know exactly what they need to get together to work on. 


And I’m also telling them, you know, sending them emails with tips on how to pay a VA how to, so we really try to give them as much information without overwhelming them. So it’s not all at one time. And we’re always testing this too, because we don’t think that we have like the, you know, everything is perfect in our model. We’re always testing our model and trying to make it better.



Well, and let’s talk about a little bit, there’s a couple of things that you said along the way that kind of stuck out. stood out, I guess. Yeah. One is. You were talking a little bit about what was it now? You were talking a little bit of Oh, you’re you’re talking about the disc assessment? Okay, yeah, that’s a really big one. And for those of us who are listening or watching this disc assessment, honestly, it aside from even VAssshould be something that you should be doing in your business, even to yourself. Absolutely, you could really figure out what you’re good at what you’re not good at what you can delegate, what you can automate, what you can hire out to VA to do,



right, all these units. Also, it’s also great to figure out, because not everybody is going to be like you, right? We don’t all communicate the same way. Right? I take both the VAs assessment and the owner or the client’s assessment, and we have an integration where we put it together. And we see, we tell you, Rudy, how you can best communicate with your VA like in the way that she would, you know, feel heard or whatever you know, and the same for the VA to you. So it really helps to clear up communication. Like my big thing is clear up any communication issues before they’ve even started and get rid of that gap of getting to know somebody, I really want to get rid of that part and just make it very easy right from the start with people to be able to work together.



Well, in there’s a lot of turnover that happens when it comes to VAs right I’ve had this experience in the past with dealing with VA’s going on to Fiverr going on to Upwork all these different platforms. And you know, the reality is what I learned really, really fast. This is why I like what you’re saying is, you know, somebody who might be good at data entry is not going to be the same person who’s good at answering messages on Facebook, which might give them an enormous amount of anxiety. When you start giving your employees or your VA s they are considered employees in my book. When you start giving them things that they’re not good at, they’re no longer going to enjoy their job. Yeah, but you got to do that disc assessment.



Right? Yeah, you have to make sure that the person you’re hiring is I really, we really do Want to create an experience for both the client and the VA. So that they want to stay? Like, it’s not just that? Like, why would we go through all the work of making, you know, putting this together, so it’s just to have a VA leave because they do go sometimes not with us. We haven’t had anybody ghost yet. But that’s because I work on the communication, that’s usually why they leave. But um, business owners, let’s be real, like, we are really bad at communicating, we’re always busy. And by the time they come to us, they’re probably well past the point of actually needing a VA, they’ve needed a VA for a long time, but they’ve put it off. So it’s really important that if they’re taking the time and spending the money just to hire us to do this, that it works out long term. So



tell me a little bit more about so what would be on like some of the things that like some service businesses come to you like, what are some of the positions or, you know, job-related activities that these VAs can do in the service business,



literally, they can do anything. I have had people like even if somebody doesn’t have experience at a certain thing, the kinds of people we want to hire are hungry to learn, eager to learn. And so let’s say that they have everybody has experience either as a virtual assistant or in an office capacity when they come to us. We don’t hire people without experience in some way. But we look for people who are adaptable. 


And because business owners, we’re like always all over the place. We’re always pivoting and you know, chaos. It’s always chaos-changing. Yeah, we’re always figuring out a new plan. So we want people who are able to adapt to that and to go with it and be okay with that. Yeah. My mind on the disc assessment. Yeah, you can work exactly. You figure that out. And some it’s really cool, though, to see that the matches that we create, I mean, we really are a matchmaker. Like my personal, I have an executive assistant, who I just adore. And she knows me. Like she takes care of my schedule. She takes care of me like before I even know what I need. She’s already got it for me. I’m horrible at



the message earlier. Just Yeah, confirming the appointment today. Yeah, she’s super pleasant. And like the I wish she’s from the Philippines. Yeah. Yeah. So like I didn’t even know like, the way she wrote to me, it just was like really good English. There was no sign of,



yeah, the Philippines. I didn’t even know this until, I mean, I knew they spoke English, but actually it’s one of their national languages. So they grow up in school learning Filipino and English. So a lot of Filipinos, you know, have been in the BPO industry for so many years, or like the call center industry, because they’ve been doing that a lot longer there than a lot of other countries. And so a lot of people, some people don’t care about accents. And, and so they might care about like having, being an admin, like, they just want somebody to handle all the backend stuff, they want somebody who’s going to really hustle for them on the backside. 


And so you don’t really need to care about an accent as long as they’re a good communicator. And some people have great accents, but they’re not as well good with writing. Some people do have not as great accents, but they’re great with writing. So we ask all these questions up front in our HR, in our introductory meeting, because we want to know exactly what the owner is looking for. 


And sometimes they don’t even know until we talk it through with them. Like I’m somebody the other day what I knew he needed an executive assistant before he knew he needed an executive assistant. And I kind of had just, I had just kind of been, we’ve been looking in that direction for him because he has more than one business. He’s got a lot going on. But it can be really hard for business owners to see past to our own brains and what’s going on. So again, that experience I have in the home service industry is super helpful. 


On top of that, I am very much somebody who struggles with ADD and has spent many years learning how to hack my brain to make it easier for me to learn and to get the things done that I want to accomplish in life. And I use a lot of those tools that I’ve studied over the years in this process, you know, so it’s kind of like a game to me, I want to make it as smooth as possible. It’s not always perfect for sure. But we do whatever it takes to get people to the other side of getting a VA So literally, the VA can’t get your mail in your mailbox at your office and they can’t sweep your floor but they can do anything administrative, they can do sales calls. Hey, cold calling. Yeah, absolutely.



That’s actually a big one. You know, for everyone listening like that’s I know in the concrete coating thing. You know, we are heavily on Facebook ads because it’s such an industry. It’s an industry that’s exploding. And yeah, we’re interrupting their newsfeed. So let them basically know that, hey, this is a service that is awesome for your garage. It’s awesome for your pool deck, it’s awesome for your basement, whatever it might be. And so, you know, having a VA right there, being able to answer the questions within a very, very short period of time. Yeah, a very important part of closing that, that possible prospect into a customer, right? Yeah. 


If they’re asking questions on your Facebook post or an ad, do you need to be ready? If you’re out in the field training guys, or you’re doing what you’re doing? You’re not paying attention to your Facebook? Yeah, somebody is asking questions. That’s a lead. Yeah, that’s for lead. Right? So having a VA there, knowing specifically, what kind of questions that they can answer. And if they can’t guess what, they’re gonna send you a text, they’re gonna send you an email, they’re gonna call you to say, I don’t know how to answer this, right? But somebody’s asking this question I don’t know about. And then guess what? Now you’re gonna be able to teach them to say, Okay, next time that happens, this is what they’re what you can say. Because sometimes you’re gonna miss things, right.



And I give a quick tip, that’s really fun. One of the things I train people on, when they’re figuring out their training plan, because I’m not trying, we don’t train the virtual assistants, we work with the business owner to come up with the training plan, we give them every tool they need. And we, you know, when you buy something, and you don’t, it’s a disappointing experience, because you thought you were going to get your handheld a little more, 


and you didn’t, you just felt like a booklet, I don’t want that I want people to feel like they completely understand everything and that they can do it. But I also don’t want to do it for them, because they’re gonna have to do it again, you know, they’re going to have to keep training. So I want to teach them how to do it. But for emails, for instance, or Facebook messages, the VA can go in and mine old emails, Facebook messages, and come up with templates based on previously asked questions and answered questions. 


They can create email templates, so easy by just going in mining old, you know, emails that have already been written a dozen times, you know, we we write the same things every time that run over and over, yeah, and they can create the templates, you can look at them and say, yeah, that’s pretty good. And then they can start drafting emails based on those templates in the future. And the same for Facebook Messenger. So there are all these tricks that you can do, where you’re not teaching them something you’ve already taught it, it’s already in your system, they can go and get it for you. And,



and then once they’ve drafted all that, and you’ve approved those emails, guess what you can train them how to run your CRM, and put them in your automation. Oh,



we start with the CRM, actually, we actually go, let’s say, I don’t know what CRM is most popular in the floor coating industry, but we make sure to have the CRM training, like all the general things, ready to go for the business owner, because most CRMs have that already. They might not have it outlined in a program. So we will do that. And then we have it for future people who are going to use it too. But that’s like, one thing we take off the business owners plate is that they don’t have to, like, give the big training on the CRM, they just have to teach how they use it. Because we’re gonna, yeah, we’re gonna give the virtual assistant, the general like lay of the land with the CRM. 


Awesome. Yeah. So we try to think of as many things like that as we can.



So you are talking a little bit about ADHD. And you had a little bit at some hacks here that we’re helping you along the way. Talk about how VA can help, you know, people who struggle with staying focus, like I don’t like that ADHD or anything, but maybe I do, I don’t know. But I do have shiny object syndrome.



Right. Everybody has a little bit of ADHD. I was diagnosed when I was 30. And it’s like, really shouldn’t have been a surprise because my dad is ADD everybody every guy in my family was diagnosed. But girls don’t present the same way. But it really changed my life because it really helped me to understand my brain for the first time, it never occurred to me. So there’s, there’s a lot of cool things. 


But the thing that I love the most, is we use slack a lot in our business to keep everything organized. And I don’t know if you use slack or Okay, people should use slack if they aren’t, I put it off for so long because I didn’t want to deal with another software. But it saved my life. 


Because last year running two companies, everything went through slack and the cool thing is a virtual assistant can now be in the same channel as your texts and can bug your text and say hey, you didn’t log in this morning. What time did you start work? Or hey, did you get those pictures from the estimate? Can you send them to me because you can train a VA to do estimates for all my VA did estimates for me They should be interesting. With your team and taking all of those small things that take so much time in your day, they should be taking them away for you so that you can have more time to do other things. And if you make them a part of your team, it’s amazing what comes of that because your crew ends up knowing the VA and when they need to know, I even had my VA is doing weather forecasts every day and like little morning messages. They were there for Monday morning meetings, like I really tried to make them as an even created a yearbook at the end of last year. And my VA was in the yearbook chatter on page two, just like everybody else. So yeah, yeah, it’s like, that is a cool hack. 


But the thing for my add that I do, because I’m always overwhelmed, I have a family, I have two businesses and too many things always going on. I have something that I created in slack called Mel’s brain. And anytime something pops in my brain, I dump it in there. And the coolest part is that my VA goes in there, and she puts it where it needs to go. So if I say like, I need to call this person, because I forgot to do this thing. Whatever it is, you know, there’s a million things always coming in, I stick it there, it’s out of my head, I feel like okay, I can breathe again. And I know that my VA does is going to take care of it either reminds me the next day, she’s going to put it in my calendar, she’s going to set up the appointment, whatever it is, it’s the coolest thing to have somebody you can rely on doing that kind of stuff for you.



The tasks that will consume your day, right? Yes, absolutely. business owner, right. Like, those are the things that and you know, like, I know, for me, like I, the way I do things is I have a top three and I try to focus on those, only those three because everything else comes in and it will complete you know, turn your day upside down sometimes, right? So having somebody available to be able to take off all of those little menial tasks off your plate. It’s just, it’s just game-changing.



So it is. And she really kind of, you know, on the very first day, she started working for me, I was very transparent about what my weaknesses are. And I think sometimes as business owners and as leaders, we struggle with showing any vulnerability because we think that it’s going to I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m a girl. 


So I’m different about that. But I see that. And I’m really cool with saying to somebody, my brain is all over the place. And some days, I’m brilliant. On some days, I am a cloud in the sky, and I’m a mess. And I just hope that you’re okay with that. But you are now my manager, you’re the melody manager. And when you see me veering off into my new shiny object, you bring me back, and I’m giving you full permission to do that. 


That’s the kind of communication that I really encouraged people to, like, I talked about it in the onboarding meeting just like that, because I want to say things that some people normally wouldn’t say to each other. I want to bring it out so that it can be discussed. And it makes such a difference. You know, she was running my life within a week. You know? Well, here’s



what’s really cool too, right is like I have a marketing assistant. Right? She’s full-time. Right? Yeah. She’s unfortunately not with you, but she from you know-how with your hands. Okay. But, you know, she is amazing, right? We’ve done that we’ve done we do Colby assessments, not disc, but it’s Yeah, yeah. But she fits the role of an executive assistant. Right. I call her she, I mean, she came in as a marketing assistant, but she fits more like an executive assistant, because I realized right away, that she has the ability to take things on.


There are days I don’t even hear from her. Yeah, she’s just getting shit done. And at the end of the day, signing off, she signs in the morning, she signs off at night, when she’s done. And then she sends me an email saying all the things that she’s done for the day, right. So I have all this confidence in her when I look at the stuff that she’s done. I know for a fact that actually did take that long as it takes Yeah. And so I have full trust in her. And yeah, it’s it allows me to do the things that I’m really designed to do. Right? Yes, exactly. 


My business, automate, create systems, do all this stuff, find the right people for the right seats for all these other positions in the company right now. build out my organizational chart, set goals, targets, you know, all these different things, instead of checking my email, or all these other different random, you know,



well, that’s pretty cool. Business owners really struggle in two areas. I think universally. I’ve gotten really good at one which is delegation. I used to be a micromanager and once I found the value of, I mean, I knew delegation was a thing, but until you actually learn it, learn how to do it in a way that you can trust other people, which is again about communication. It just changes everything. 


And so I kind of have become a lazy person because I will delegate anything and everything that I can. I’m not lazy, but I feel lazy compared to before when I had everything on my shoulders. Yeah. And the other thing that business owners struggle with is making time to meet with their VA. A lot of times, you’re so busy when you’re starting that even you hire a VA, not you personally, but I’ve seen people hire a VA, and then they just languish. 


Because they don’t take the time to train them, they don’t take the time to, you know, even meet with them for 15 minutes a day. And, and guys, you can wake up 15 minutes earlier, you know, like, it really doesn’t take a lot of time. But what I tried to do is create that, set it up for them for the first week, especially so that they get really good. They have time every day to communicate with each other. And that is what sets people up to be working as a VA can be working and doing stuff for you. Within a week. They’re doing a lot. You know, like



I don’t know what you recommend. But I know when I first brought her on. We were in like, we were communicating, but and even sometimes doing videos and train and whatever it is, for the first 30 days. Like it was almost all the time. Now it’s we do what I call a level 10 meeting. Yeah, at the end of the week for 30 minutes, 15 to 30 minutes just to me. What’s that?



I said that sounds very tractioning. It is very tractioning Yeah, yeah. My favorite book. Yeah, the US is awesome. Well, you know how like when you’re on a zoom call with somebody, and it takes two hours to do something. But then you could because you’re not. When we train people, a lot of times what happens, let’s say on a job, for instance, I’ll say window cleaning, because I don’t do floor coating, but used to be that I would train somebody on a job site. And I then instantly you’re already running late because you’re training somebody. So that’s taking time off of the day. 


And so you’ll say okay, this is how you clean a window, you set up the ladder, you do this, but don’t do it this way all the time. I’m just doing it faster right now because we’re running late. And I want to just show you, but listen to the words out of my mouth while I show you something completely different. And then you wonder why they’re confused. And untrained, even though you spent so much time with them. 


I’ve found that just doing the video gets people to a place where they will and it takes so much less time and it’s very direct. Yeah, they can ask a question from a video. Whereas you might spend, instead of 10 minutes on a video, you might spend an hour with them. Going through it because you don’t know how to talk when somebody is when you’re face to face with them. 


It just goes off in all directions. Yeah, so deer in the headlights. Yes, that’s me and a lot of other people. And so the way that we train people, really helps them to have control at the beginning of what their VA is doing. They’ve already made the training videos ahead of time. That’s what they’ve been working on while we’ve been, you know, finding their VA, and then they’re just literally ready to start training, when they come on board in the business owner doesn’t have to take the time to do that training every day. They just have to take a little time to answer questions and stuff in the beginning and get to know them. So



yeah, it’s just, I can’t tell you guys enough like how important this is. Because here’s a perfect example. Like we’re doing this podcast right now. Well, I have there’s going to be the audio version of this. And there’s going to be a YouTube version of this. And then I’m going to put it on my Facebook and then I’m going to put it on on Instagram and I’m going to be doing is that the best use of my time to be doing now? 


No, I already trained my VA as soon as we’re off, I’m gonna send this to her. Is it? Okay, it’s in the zoom, she already knows to log into my zoom download all files, and go through the process of right, then I’m good. Yeah. And, you know, in that case, what that does for me, for my business, being a digital marketing agency, is now I can book more appointments, or I can have more discover your strategy sessions, which would equate to what? more sales.



And on the other side of that because I always want to bring this up. There’s a lot of wives out there who probably resent the businesses that people are running. I’m saying wives because I’m assuming most of the people in the service industry are men. I’ve certainly had. Yeah, I’ve certainly had my husband also resent me businesses because they become everything. You know, they’re never-ending, they just engulf you. And some of us like that, but some of us don’t want that. 


Some of us do want more family time. So that’s another thing that a VA does. It’s a way to To make more time, more money, but also to take the time with your kids with your family and go to the games and not worry about the backend stuff. And I can say that I’m sure we will be saving many marriages in the future. It’s, um, business is tough on families sometimes. Yeah. Holy,



moly. And then you know, there’s, you’re so defensive to write because you’re, oh, yeah, you’re, you know, you’re you got to get this stuff done. It means a lot to the business. Because in then, you know, translate, well look at paying the bills, and it means everything, doing this for you, but at the end of the day, they don’t see, like, they just see that they’re not getting the time that they want with you.



Right. Well, that’s what and business is supposed to be freedom. And we all know that that’s a lie most of the time.



So it is, but it doesn’t have to be. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. It doesn’t have to be we just have to learn to let go. Yeah. 100%. So this has been awesome. I know, we’re just a bit over than what I told you. We were going to be but I really want people to reach out to you and learn more about what it is that you do, kind of get more of the details of how that all works. So where can people find you online?



Well, if they want to, they can either it’s, they can go there and learn more about us. They can also email us at, you can look me up on Facebook, Melody Edwards, and message me, and I can tell you, I can talk to you a little bit about it. The other thing is I, I actually just want to help people in general. So if somebody wants to hire their own virtual assistant, I’m actually I’ve been creating a class and I haven’t finished it yet. So until that time, when I’m actually selling a class in the future, I’m happy to tell people how to do it themselves. It’s not a magic secret formula, it’s just hard. 


So if somebody has it in them to do it, and they’re willing to they have the time, but not as much money like to hire us. These start, we start, we encourage people to start at $5 per hour. And that’s tax-deductible, you know, whereas if you hire an employee or paying taxes on, you know, 15 Plus, whatever the taxes and workman’s comp and all that other stuff, it’s just a no brainer. How many jobs do you have to do a week to pay somebody 250 bucks a week for 40 hours or more?



Well, not only that but what’s your time worth? Right? Like if you’re late? Oh, yeah, menial jobs and tasks that are actually consuming your day, which ends up making you be late for your family dinner? Yeah, what’s that all worth to you? Right? You know, you’re gonna like, or you do want to go do a 5, 10, $15 an hour job, you should be doing 200 300 $500 an hour jobs, right? Absolutely. Yeah. That’s it, you have to define your role first, which is the CEO of your business, right?



Yeah. But it takes some people time sometimes to get there. It took me a lot of time to get there to with the mentality. So I meet people where they’re at, if anybody just wants to chat about it, I’m happy to chat about it.



So love it. All right. Well, I think that sums everything up, I think is a good time to end it. Thank you, everyone for listening to the show again today. Really, really glad to have you on this episode. Melody, thank you so much.  


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Your job your responsibility as a CEO is to automate and delegate. Your job is to make sure that everyone is put in the right spots, having to spend all this time trying to figure out digital marketing tactics and skills. Honestly, it’s a complete waste of your time, resources, and money. You need to hire a company that is dedicated to you and to the industry. Like floor coating marketers, stop trying to weigh your options. Just get on board, hire floor coating marketers for your agency. If you want to concrete quoting business, this is your best shot at your success. If you want to three times or even up to 10 times your revenue. This is the best way to do it.


Topic Discussed

  • How a VA can add value to your business
  • Communicating and training the VA
  • Learn to let go 
  • How to assign tasks to your VA

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Getting on Google Maps for Concrete Coating

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