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Businesses and consumers spend more time than ever online. As user behaviors continue to evolve, it is vital to continually monitor your target customers’ behaviors and preferences. The ever-changing platforms and channels of the digital marketing world can be daunting to growing businesses.

Here are some marketing ideas for concrete coating to sift through the plethora of web-based marketing solutions and create a streamlined and effective digital marketing strategy for your brand.

Floor Coating Marketing Strategy vs. Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s high-tech world, the terms marketing strategy and digital marketing strategy may seem interchangeable. Let’s examine the differences between the two.

A marketing strategy is the overall game plan that helps businesses to achieve their business goals through specific marketing or revenue-based initiatives. A digital marketing strategy utilizes select online marketing channels to attain specific digital goals.

On the other hand, a digital marketing campaign refers to the specific actions you take as a part of your digital strategy to achieve a particular outcome.

Understanding Your Floor Coating Audience Is Key

To create a smart digital marketing strategy, you need in-depth knowledge of your customer. Who are you marketing to? The best digital marketing strategies arise from well-researched buyer personas that represent your ideal customers.

You can create buyer personas by researching and analyzing your company’s target audience.

Perform a Content Audit and Plan Your Owned Media Campaigns

Owned media is the concept at the core of digital marketing. The more owned media channels your company has, the larger your digital footprint. Any content that your company owns and controls is owned media, including:

  • blog posts
  • podcasts
  • ebooks
  • product descriptions
  • social media posts

Evaluate your existing content regularly, and add fresh content to keep followers engaged and to attract more website visitors.

Effective content creation ensures a robust online presence for your brand. Even better, search-engine-optimized (SEO) content boosts your search and organic traffic.

Mobile-Friendly Content

Consumer usage of mobile devices is at an all-time high and continues to grow.  Incorporating a mobile app or even a mobile-friendly interface into your marketing strategy should be a significant consideration in a smart marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing for Floor Coating Contractors

As a concrete floor coating business owner, you’ll want to focus on marketing strategies that provide the best value for your business and most relevance for your industry.

Start by creating a digital marketing budget for your campaign. You will need to research digital pricing to get a sense of what your type and size of business requires. Research digital marketing pricing to build a realistic budget for your business. On average, most companies spend between $2500 and $12,000 per month for online marketing.

Once you launch your campaign, take advantage of Google’s free resources such as Google Analytics or Google Ads to track and measure the results.

Search engine optimization is perhaps the most important digital marketing enterprise in use. SEO aims to direct the target audience for your website, generating more leads and a higher conversion rate. You can achieve this by using specific phrases and keywords that relate to your products and services.

An effective SEO strategy brings more traffic to your website from members of your target market. These are the users who are actively looking for your products and services.

If you have a local business that operates a physical storefront, you likely want to attract and engage customers who will come to your store location. Local SEO is a digital marketing tactic that can aid in attracting more foot traffic.

Other Floor Coating Marketing Strategies For The Internet

Content marketing involves engaging and connecting with users by creating content that is relevant and informative:

  • video content
  • infographics
  • blog posts
  • and more

Guest posts, also known as guest blogging, refer to you contributing a blog post to another person’s site to increase your exposure and authority, as well as to add links to your own website. This type of content should not be sales-related but instead should provide value to users as an informative free resource.

Well-executed, relevant content is one of the most effective online marketing strategies to increase sales, traffic, and conversion rates. An effective content marketing strategy should optimize your content for high ranking with search engines to increase prominence in Google search results.

Email marketing focuses on retaining existing customers as well as gaining new customers by building brand awareness and increasing sales. Email marketing is similar to content marketing in that the focus is on providing valuable information to subscribers. Email marketing generates about 50% more sales than other digital marketing tactics.

Social media marketing is probably the most popular marketing strategy for small businesses. Social media marketing campaigns can utilize multiple platforms based on the preferences of the audience.

Social media marketing may also employ online advertising platforms. Facebook Ads is a paid advertising service that creates ad campaigns with targeted goals and objectives. You write your copy in the voice of the business to help reach its intended audience. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Social Media Stories” started on Facebook and have become so popular that they have extended to Instagram. Facebook Stories are images and videos that appear independent of your regular feed and disappear after 24 hours. The ephemeral format drives followers to engage with the story before it disappears from their feed.

You can utilize video marketing across multiple digital and social media channels. Its purpose is to market and promote your business or product and increase viewer engagement.

Influencer marketing is a relatively new type of word-of-mouth marketing by individuals who have a large social following. Influencers have established a strong trust from their following and gain a reputation as experts within their niche.

Although some influencers are A-list celebrities, most of them are YouTube or Instagram personalities who can amplify your brand message or product through their media platforms.

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