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Google Map Pack

When you search for ways to boost the visibility of your local business for customers, do you think about how most people look using mobile devices? As a business owner, do you understand how search engines drive a Google search?

Understanding why local businesses show up in the first three listings is crucial to understand how to maximize this tool for marketing your company. Utilizing the Google map pack efficiently produces results that drive customers your way.

When you want to gain an edge over your competitors and create more business for yourself, the Google maps pack is the answer. See below for how the Google maps pack works and why you need it to be in the top three Google search results.

What Is a Google Map Pack?

When you look for a local company, have you ever wondered why three businesses always show up in the results? That’s because an SEO-based strategy for Google searches produces the top three businesses in the search area with their locations marked on the map with marker icons.

If you want to show up as one of the top three in all search queries, you need a high ranking in the Google map pack. There are two main ways to influence the ranking. One is by choosing keywords that prompt the map packs, and the other is optimizing your website to include the keywords that take the customer right to your web page.

Choosing Keywords to Show Up in Relevant Searches

Statistics show that people choose Google maps as the primary navigation tool well over half of the time. Most often, people land on a Google company page as a result of specific keywords. This is one compelling reason your company needs to rank high on the search engine results page – because your website matches the keywords.

So, how do you improve your ranking? Here are some steps to make your company show up in the first three results.

  • Add your business to Google Maps. Using the Google Maps app on your phone, find your business name. Your listing is active when it appears in the drop-down menu. If your company doesn’t show up, choose the add a missing place and fill in your business information.
  • Affirm your listing. The difference between establishing a business listing and affirming lies in the number of details you can add. When you add your business address and hours, business category, business location, business description, service area, and other pertinent information, you boost your company’s ranking.
  • Add as much information as possible. The more details you provide about your company, the higher the ranking. Under the info tab, fill in as much information as possible.
  • Upload photos. While you might not think pictures are important, they are critical in defining your company and showing customers exactly what you do. Google has recently updated its photo technology to recognize more images, which increases your ranking. People love pictures; therefore, Google loves images. Add photos that are relevant and high quality as often as you can.
  • Stay consistent in the business name. Eliminate duplicate listings or other listings where the name is not the same as the actual business name. For instance, if your company name is Al Jones Repair Service, remove any other names like A. Jones Repair Service or Al Jones Repair. Ensuring that it is identical boosts the likelihood that people will end up at your actual website.
  • Cultivate Google reviews. Google maps give preference to positive reviews. You can solicit Google reviews by sending a link to review to a customer. Google likes it best when you respond to the reviews in some way, too.
  • Consolidate. When your company has multiple phone numbers or locations listed for the same business, too many listings drops your ranking. Remove multiple listings to ensure a clean search.
  • Post regularly. When you update your company status regularly, Google recognizes this new information and prioritizes updated posts. This moves your business closer to the top ranking.
  • Rephrase your website. Update your website to reflect the keywords that customers use when they “google my business listing.”
  • Utilize call tracking: This tool will help you trace calls back to their original source to optimize and focus your marketing.
  • Maximize Google Analytics: Maximizing this free tool from Google is a great way to understand what customers are doing when they visit your web pages. You can track the data to customize the experience for your customers.

What Is the Google Local Pack?

The Google maps local pack displays the top 3 local businesses ” near me” that show up when customers use keywords such as “gas station near me.” In addition, the local pack displays the three most optimized company profiles based on local rankings. In fact, the local rankings show up in a search over one-quarter of the time. Thus, the Google local pack is essential for small business listings to increase digital visibility by capitalizing on local SEO.

A customer will see your local business listing hours, type, name, and map along with a click to call button. So, how do you use Google Maps to increase the chances of ranking in the top three of the local small businesses pack?

  • Register for Google My Business to establish a business account. The GMB listing is free, helps you capitalize on a location-based ranking, and puts your presence closer to the top three.
  • Optimize your business profile. Fill out all the information you can find about your company: business hours, exact location, local phone number (Google doesn’t like 800 numbers), images of your business, pictures of products you make, and anything pertinent to your company.
  • Incorporate the keywords on your website that customers are using for Google local searches. A marketing company can help by researching to determine the local SEO for your business type.
  • Use the Google search console to optimize your website and improve search quality results.
  • Match the local intent to the target keywords. When you understand the primary goal of a user looking for local search results, you can be more effective in including target keywords on your website. Then your company will show up on search engine results pages, and you will move up in the local search ranking.

How Do You Optimize Google My Business for Your Business?

  1. Ensure all information regarding your company is accurate. Check for accuracy every day to make sure that the NAP data and your website always match.
  2. Choose only one address and a local phone number to be associated with your business.
  3. Create an information page about your company that includes as many keywords as are in the search phrases for your type of business. Use the words that fit your niche and make it sound friendly.
  4. Test links on your website ensure there are no broken links that lead to nowhere.
  5. Post current and accurate pictures on your website. Potential customers and Google love great pictures.
  6. Encourage Google reviews by sending links after purchases.


Now that you know how Google map pack, Google local pack, and Google My Business work, use them to expand your reach and connect with your customers.

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