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Dear Landscaping business owner, 

If you’re on this website than you’re most likely interested in learning more about Floor Coating Marketers and what we can do to help improve your business online.

After working with several business types in many areas of home service businesses and the like, we decided to shift our focus and only serve ONE market so that we could provide the best possible results for our floor coating services clients, while continuing to scale and grow as an agency that serves its’ clients.

As you may have experienced before, or are currently experiencing, most Internet Marketing Agencies tend to want to take on any project from any industry.  If you can imagine what your business would be like if you offered painting, roofing, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning, and kitchen and bath remodels to your business, than you might get an idea of what can happen.

You no longer are the expert in your industry, you’re simply a “Jack of all trades” type business. What follows is having to hire employees that can be skilled enough to handle all of those different industry type jobs.  What this usually results in is low to average results for your customers.

And that’s why we decided to focus our attention and energy on being the best internet marketing agency for landscape contractors.  With our expertise in digital marketing, and our every growing knowledge of floor coating services, we can most certainly guarantee that, with our help, you will scale, grow, and take your business to the next level.

You might even be fine right where you are, or maybe you’re looking for more growth at your level. Maybe you’re looking for a profitable exit strategy, or maybe your trying to build a legacy for your kids to take over.  Where ever you find yourself right now, I want to invite you to meet with me or one of Floor Coating Marketers’ Specialists so that we can, at the very least, point you in the right direction.

We don’t hard sell you on anything, if fact we are the opposite from all those annoying phone calls and emails you get out there every day.

We’ve made it our mission to help 500 floor coating services contractors add 7 figures in projects from their online marketing efforts by 2025.  If you’d like to learn more about how internet marketing applies to you and your floor coating services business, than CLICK HERE to book a time with us to talk.  Or you can simply call (844) 234-5736

We serve floor coating services contractors throughout the US and Canada.


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Why Choose Floor Coating Marketers?

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You’ll work with an agency that is exclusive to floor coating services contractors.


We know how to get you floor coating services projects online.


You’ll get experts in the digital marketing arena.


You’ll pay less for an entire team than you would one in house marketer.


100% Exclusivity to your service area within 15 miles.


100% Positive Results Every Single Month.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Your Local Landscaping Competitors


You can take control of your market with the right strategy.  The days of just throwing up a website are over.  You need to be where your customers are.  Are you struggling to get the phone ringing more often?  Well, we can help with that.

Many landscape contractors have tried many different ways, but they find it doesn’t work. Using short term per lead generation will never help you in the long run.

Our proven Landscaper Marketing Program can move the needle in the right direction.  It will ensure you get more leads, more often, and profitably.

If you’re stuck just using a Pay Per Lead service, then you are competing for the same lead, and everyone pays for the lead.  This always leads to the race to the bottom and the price will always be an objection.  Why not put your business in front of people you want to work with? 

Book a Discovery Call with us today so we can learn more about your business and where you want to go.


Landscaper Marketing Program

A discovery call is a quick 15-minute call where we discuss – What you’ve tried in the past, what’s working and not working, and what your plans and goals are for the future.

No sales pitch.

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Learn How We Helped Kyle Get 386 Leads in 90 Days.

Double The Lead Flow From The Previous Year.

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Take the driver’s seat to success today by using our Landscaper Marketing Accelerator program.

A discovery call is a quick 15-minute call where we discuss – What you’ve tried in the past, what’s working and not working, and what your plans and goals are for the future.

No sales pitch.